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Local and State Permits Required for Licensed Marijuana Businesses

December 12, 2013  by  Jim Doherty
Category:  Marijuana

Local and State Permits Required for Licensed Marijuana Businesses

The state Liquor Control Board is doing its best to inform prospective marijuana business applicants of the types of permits that they will need in order to comply with both local and state laws and regulations. Three "fact sheets" - one for outdoor marijuana producers, one for indoor marijuana producers, and one for marijuana processors - have been posted on the Liquor Control Board website. These documents will help not only applicants, but they will also help local governments in dealing with LCB-licensed producers and processors when they apply for local permits.

The fact sheets are detailed and identify issues that local governments should review prior to meeting with prospective marijuana business operators. For instance, is your staff aware of the requirements for discharge of wastewater containing fertilizers or pesticides into the sewer system? Does your staff have a checklist ready so that you can quickly and efficiently discuss the relevant issues with LCB-licensed producers and processors?

Local government staff should do their homework in advance so that they can handle interactions with these emerging new businesses competently and efficiently. Many of the marijuana business applicants are unused to dealing with a tightly regulated business environment.

There clearly are benefits to helping these new businesses operate in accordance with all applicable regulations: less risk of fouling of wastewater systems, less risk of fire when all electrical systems are reviewed for compliance with codes, and less likelihood of nuisance complaints based on odors, etc. When applicants start off on the right foot, local government agencies will spend less time enforcing compliance.

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About Jim Doherty

Jim had over 24 years of experience researching and responding to varied legal questions at MRSC. He had special expertise in transmission pipeline planning issues, as well as the issues surrounding medical and recreational marijuana. He is now retired.



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