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Chameleon Contractors

March 5, 2014  by  John W. Carpita, PE
Category:  Administration

I recently received a research request involving a contractor who was operating under several names, which in itself is not a bad thing, but in this instance at least one of those "aliases" was an obvious attempt to cover up a bad reputation as another company.  MRSC and the agency's attorney had discussions about how to develop supplemental bidder responsibility criteria to address this issue.  At the time I was unable to find suitable sample language to help him.  So, I was pleasantly surprised this morning to find that Mike Purdy had ably addressed this issue in his blog post entitled:

Are Reincarnated Construction Companies Responsible Bidders?

Please take time to read Mike's post on his Public Contracting Blog.

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John was MRSC’s resource for many years on engineering design, purchasing and contracting issues, local improvement districts, and other infrastructure issues. He had a widely varied career as a consultant, county engineer, city engineer and project manager. He is now retired.



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