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MRSC Quarterly Print Newsletter

In addition to our regular e-newsletters, MRSC also produces a quarterly Municipal Research News print newsletter that we mail to city and county officials, state legislators, and other local government partners.

These newsletters include some of our most popular recent blog posts from the past quarter, highlights of recent projects that MRSC has completed, answers to selected "Ask MRSC" questions, a Washington State trivia question, and more.

Below are our most recent editions.

Winter 2020/2021 Newsletter

Highlights from this issue include COVID-19 vaccinations in the workplace, MRSC's on-demand webinars, gift of public funds issues, bicycling laws, and Ask MRSC questions related to municipal liability.

Plus: What Washington city rolled out the first-ever police bicycle patrol unit in 1987?

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Fall 2020 Newsletter

Highlights from this issue include when First Amendment rights and public meetings clash, information on MRSC trainings, articles on firearms regulations and opioid overdose spikes, and election-related questions.

Plus: Which county has averaged 40 bushels of wheat per acre since 1934?

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Summer 2020 Newsletter

This issue focuses on further issues related to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), including furloughs, emergency competitive bidding waivers, electronic signatures, and more.

Plus: What is the tallest, most impressive bridge in Washington?

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Spring 2020 Newsletter

Highlights from this issue include numerous issues related to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), permanent supportive housing, and new breed-specific dog ban legislation.

Plus: What lake in Washington has the highest diverse mineral content of any body of water?

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