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Training Scholarships

This page provides information on training scholarship programs that can be applied to attend MRSC Trainings upon approval by the agency providing the scholarship.

If you are in need of a scholarship and none of the options below apply to your government agency, please contact us.

RMSA Scholarship Program

For city and town agencies that are RMSA members

The Risk Management Service Agency (RMSA) provides scholarships to help its members attend pre-approved workshops and trainings.

RMSA Scholarships are only available to current members of the RMSA. Members must submit an application, prior to attending an event, for consideration of scholarship approval by RMSA staff. RMSA Scholarships provide reimbursement of registration costs only for trainings intended to improve risk management skills or reduce liability and property risk exposures and are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

To find out if your city or town is eligible, please contact or call (360) 753-4137.

WCIA Scholarship Program

For city, town, and other government agencies that are WCIA members

The Washington Cities Insurance Authority (WCIA) has an extensive training and education menu to serve members. They deliver municipal risk management trainings state-wide, offering annual regional training programs as well as co-sponsored programs.

In addition to the comprehensive training programs offered, WCIA provides support for member's staff development through partial financing of member requested on-site trainings, referred to as Exclusive Trainings and the WCIA Training Reimbursement Program, which provides members with reimbursement for eligible certificate or accredited programs. Programs not listed on the list of eligible programs are subject to approval by WCIA.

For additional information, please contact WCIA Member Services at or call (206) 575-6046.

WCRP Scholarship Program

For county agencies that are WCRP members

The Washington Counties Risk Pool (WCRP) provides scholarship funds to assist member counties in accessing opportunities for training in risk management. The training is to be liability-related, benefit the individual county and, if possible, brought back and shared with the entire Risk Pool membership. The WCRP Scholarships cover the cost of the registration only and are awarded based on the availability of funds. Requests for funds are submitted to the WCRP by the member county's risk manager and analyzed by Risk Pool staff for approval.

For additional information on eligibility, scholarship criteria, and the application process, please visit WCRP’s Scholarship Program webpage.

Enduris Scholarship Program

For special purpose districts that are Enduris members

Enduris provides scholarships to help its members attend pre-approved workshops and trainings in loss control and risk management to reduce the frequency and severity of member claims. Consideration will be given based on the following parameters:

  1. Applicant must be an employee, volunteer, or Board member of an Enduris member entity.
  2. Funding is provided in the form of entity reimbursement.
  3. Eligibility for reimbursement is limited to education topics that will reduce member exposures.
  4. Confirmation of attendance or course completion may be requested.

Apply for a scholarship by completing this form. For additional information, please contact Sindy Joseph at