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Storm and Surface Water Drainage Utilities

This page provides examples of local government stormwater and surface water drainage utility provisions in Washington State.


Utilities provide stormwater services to the community through user fees. The activities vary, but include ongoing operation and maintenance of publicly owned stormwater facilities, drainage basin planning, education and outreach, water quality programs, monitoring, and capital improvement projects.

Examples of Local Programs and Code Provisions


  • Bellingham Surface and Stormwater Utility - Provides links to pages on stormwater utility billing (rates, account information and payment options), storm and surface water utility funding (how fees are used and other funding sources), storm and surface water system maintenance (reducing stormwater pollution to our streams, lakes and bay), stormwater management program (compliance with the city's mandated, national stormwater permit), and stormwater projects (reducing stormwater pollution to our streams, lakes and bay)
  • Longview Stormwater Division - Provides links to stormwater management manual, maintenance agreement, rates, annual reports, and rain garden information.
  • Marysville Surface Water Management - Provides information on the duties and responsibilities of stormwater management, includes links to NPDES II Permit, surface water utililty billing, Allen/Quilceda Watershed Action Team, public education and outreach, and information on water quality in the Quilceda/Allen Watershed
  • Redmond Stormwater Utility - The City of Redmond, through its NPDES Municipal Permit, is responsible for ensuring proper maintenance and operation of all public and private stormwater systems within the city. These include 363 miles of pipes, 23,500 catch basins and manholes, 940 vaults, 304 bioswales, 68 miles of streams, and 328 ponds throughout the city.
  • Richland Stormwater Utility - Informs residents about the importance of preventing stormwater pollution from entering waterways, and lets them know what the city is doing to reduce stormwater pollution and meet new state and federal stormwater regulations.
  • Shelton Stormwater - Staff maintain miles of underground pipe, storm drains, and stormwater ponds that carry stormwater runoff from roads and rooftops to our streams, Oakland Bay and Henderson Inlet. We monitor our waters, and initiate new ways to protect them through our education and outreach programs, technical assistance, and new regulations
  • Snohomish Stormwater - Provides links to rates, stormwater management programs, and resources
  • Spokane Valley Stormwater Utility - Provides general information on stormwater management, the NPDES permit, funding, links to city code regulations and the Spokane County regional stormwater manual, briefly discusses swales and history of stormwater.
  • Sumner Stormwater Management Program - Provides explanation of stormwater and citizen education programs
  • Walla Walla Stormwater - Includes links to best management practices, FAQs, permits and regulations, rates, stormwater management documents, stormwater pollutants


  • Douglas County Greater East Wenatchee Storm Water Utility - Includes fee calculations, benefits of the utility, and information about the Wenatchee Valley Stormwater Technical Advisory Committee
  • Island County Clean Water Utility - On December 20, 2010 the Board of Island County Commissioners adopted the Clean Water Utility to address concerns related to water quantity and quality in Island County. Through the utility, the county will collect fees from property owners to fund specific surface water and ground water programs. Lists programs the fees will fund, provides link to documents, and shows maps.
  • San Juan County Stormwater Utility - A division the Clean Water Utility. Provides information on applying for a stormwater permit.
  • Skagit County Drainage Utility - Provides explanation of why there was a need for a draining utility to fund projects beyond those related to road funds, what the funds can be used for, and provides information on areas served and costs.
  • Spokane County Stormwater Utility
  • Thurston County Stormwater Utility - Subject links include: Stormwater Management Program, pet waste & home tips, watersheds, Citizen Advisory Group, report spills/dumping, stormwater utility services, utility rates and credits, NPDES maps & publications, 2009 drainage manual, and SSWAB advisory board
  • Yakima County Regional Stormwater Working Group (RSWG) - The RSWG was established in 2007 through an interlocal agreement in 2007 and is made up of local elected and/or appointed officials from Yakima County, Selah, Sunnyside, and Union Gap. The group coordinates municipal staff efforts for compliance with stormwater permit requirements and public outreach and education. Among other things, the county’s website includes various manuals for development, management, and site plans.

Recommended Resources

  • An Internet Guide to Financing Stormwater Management - Developed by the Center for Urban Policy and the Environment at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) in cooperation with the Watershed Management Institute, Inc.
  • Stormwater 101 (2011) - Prepared by FCS Group for the Joint Transportation Committee; provides an overview of the regulatory environment and funding

Last Modified: January 24, 2023