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Special Purpose District Information Sources

This page provides a list of helpful links and resources related to special purpose districts in Washington State.

It is part of MRSC's series on Special Purpose Districts in Washington.

U.S. Census Bureau Data

  • Census of Governments - Conducted every five years; provides large data sets on local government organizations including number of special purpose districts by state

General Information About Special Purpose Districts

  • A Local Government by Any Other Name (Fall 2009) by Hugh Spitzer, Proceedings of the Washington State Municipal Attorneys - The paper reviews the categories that Washington legislators and the Washington State Supreme Court have used to classify and describe local government units. It also describes how the large array of classifications—and the lack of consistent interpretation and use of those labels—leads to confusion and unnecessary litigation.
  • Special Purpose District Financial Services (2002), Snohomish County Finance Department, Issue Paper

Washington State Government Resources

Washington State Auditor's Office

Washington State Department of Revenue

Washington State Legislature

Special Purpose Districts Associations and Publications

Air Pollution Control Authorities

Cemetery Districts

Conservation Districts - Conservation Commission

Fire Protection Districts and Regional Fire Authority

Flood Control Districts and Flood Control Zone Districts

Hospital Districts

Housing Authorities

Irrigation Districts

Library Districts

Mosquito Control Districts

Park and Recreation Districts

Port Districts

Public Facilities Districts

Public Utility Districts

School Districts

Water and Sewer Districts

Weed Districts

Last Modified: August 18, 2023