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City and County Court Services

Courts Overview

Recent Attorney General Opinions of Interest to Local Governments

Recent Court Decisions of Interest to Local Governments

Ethics, Fairness, and Conflicts of Interest

Appearance of Fairness Doctrine

Ethics and Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of Interest: Court Decisions and AG Opinions

Gift of Public Funds

Incompatible Offices

Government Organization

City and Town Classification

City and Town Forms of Government

County Forms of Government

First Class Cities

Incorporation and Annexation

Municipal Incorporation

Annexation in Washington State

Annexation Methods by Cities and Towns

Planning for Annexation

Annexation FAQs

Annexation Court Decisions

Open Government

Open Public Meetings Act

Open Public Meetings Act FAQs

Executive Session FAQs

OPMA Court Decisions and AG Opinions

Public Records Act

Public Records Act FAQs

Public Records Act Court Decisions

Electronic Records Policy Tool Kit

Law Enforcement Records Tool Kit

OPMA and PRA Practice Tips and Checklists

Public Property


Nuisances on Public Property and Public Ways

Street and Road Vacation Procedures

Surplus City or Town Property

Surplus County Property

Surplus Property for Special Purpose Districts

General Government

Americans with Disabilities Act

Initiative and Referendum Powers

Local Ordinances for Washington Cities and Counties

Public Hearings

Legal Personnel Topics

Family and Medical Leave

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

Overtime and Comp Time

Paid and Unpaid Holidays

Sexual Harassment


Legal Planning Topics

Eminent Domain

Group Homes

Property Rights and Regulatory Takings

Regulatory Takings Court Decisions

Shoreline Management Act

State Environmental Policy Act


Vested Rights


Adult Entertainment Regulation

Firearms Regulation

Gambling Regulation


Impoundment of Vehicles

Cannabis Regulation

Regulation of Peddlers, Solicitors, Temporary Merchants, and Mobile Vendors

Nuisances: Regulation and Abatement