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Interlocal Cooperation in Public Works

This page provides examples of interlocal cooperation in public works by local governments in Washington State.

It is part of MRSC's series on Interlocal Cooperation.

Joint Municipal Utility Services Authority

The Joint Municipal Utility Services Act (Ch. 39.106 RCW), passed by the legislature in 2011, created a new type of intergovernmental municipal corporation to improve the ability of local government utilities to plan, finance, operate, and provide facilities and utility services to the public. Under the Act, local governments may enter into joint municipal utility services agreements to form independent municipal corporations to perform any or all of the utility services that their participating members may perform, including water, sewer, stormwater, and flood control services.

Agreements forming an authority must be filed with the Washington state secretary of state which will provide a certificate of filing. An authority is officially formed as of that filing date.

Below are some resources on this topic:

Sharing of Services, Equipment, Supplies

  • Fircrest/Steilacoom/University Place Interlocal Agreement (2000) for mutual aid during public works emergencies.
  • Franklin County/Benton County Interlocal Agreement (2009) for general equipment and/or services through the department of public works.
  • Kenmore/Lake Forest Park Interlocal Agreement for Public Works Administration (2000)
  • Lewis County/Lewis County Cemetery District No. 1
  • Longview/Cowlitz County Interlocal Agreement (2017) to provide administrative or engineering services, construction, maintenance and material supply services.
  • Pend Oreille County/Pend Oreille Cemetery District No. 1 Public Works Bid Development Agreement (2016) – Interlocal agreement for county to assist with development of project scope/formal bid document for cemetery district paving project. County will also assist with bid advertisement and provide technical assistance and field inspection during performance of work.

Stormwater Management

  • Douglas County/Chelan County/Wenatchee/East Wenatchee Interlocal Agreement (2010) for development and implementation of projects related to regional stormwater management and planning.
  • Kelso/Longview/Cowlitz County/Consolidated Diking Improvement District No. 1 Interlocal Agreement (2016) for stormwater public education and outreach.
  • Yakima Regional Stormwater Management Program - Yakima County, as the Regional Stormwater Lead, is tasked by an interlocal agreement to perform permit compliance tasks under the Department of Ecology’s Phase II NPDES Stormwater Permit for the cities of Yakima, Sunnyside, and Union Gap, and for urban Yakima County.

Wastewater Treatment

Last Modified: January 23, 2023