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Personal Services Contracting Manual for Ports - Appendices

This page contains the appendices to MRSC's Personal Services Contracting Manual for Ports, Report No. 64, January 2009. All documents are in Adobe PDF format unless otherwise noted.


The sample documents in these appendices are presented solely as examples of what the contributing port districts have used. No representation is made that these are specifically applicable to another port's unique contracts or contracting procedures. Be sure to review any of these documents with your port's legal counsel before use. (Note: PSC = Personal Services Contracting)

Appendix A: Included Only In the Manual

Appendix B: Quick Start Helps

(Also Included in Chapter 2 of the Manual)

Appendix C: Annotated 2008 Legislation

Appendix D: Sample Policy and Procedure Documents

Appendix E: Sample Personal Service Contracting Documents

Appendix F: Sample Non-Port Reference Documents

Last Modified: January 23, 2023