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Transportation Grants and Loans

This page provides links to major federal and state grant/loan programs available for local government transportation projects in Washington State.


Much of the funding for larger city and county capital transportation projects comes from grants and loans made by federal and state agencies. Almost all federal funds are "passed through" a state agency.

Washington Fund Directory

The Washington Fund Directory, created by the State Treasurer's Office, provides a centralized online database listing state grants and loans to local governments, nonprofits, tribes, and other entities. There are listings for many different project types including transportation, housing, environment, infrastructure, and more.

Other State Funding Resources

Several other funding agencies are listed below; most of these programs can also be found under the Washington Fund Directory link above.

  • County Road Administration Board (CRAB) – Provides several grant programs for counties, including rural arterial program (RAP), county arterial preservation program (CAPP), and county ferry capital improvement program (CFCIP).
  • Infrastructure Assistance Coordinating Council (IACC): Resources – Includes information on transportation funding programs. IACC promotes partnerships among federal, state, and local programs, works to enhance efficiency and coordination in the delivery of financial and technical assistance, acts as a forum to discuss issues that get in the way of helping local governments meet their infrastructure needs, and sponsors training workshops and conferences in these arenas throughout the year.
  • Public Works Board: Public Works Financing – Loans money to cities, counties, and special purpose districts to repair, replace, or create infrastructure.
  • Transportation Improvement Board (TIB): Overview of TIB Grant Programs – Includes urban programs, small city programs, and "other opportunities" that may have specialized eligibility requirements. TIB staff also conduct funding workshops throughout the state.
  • WSDOT: Support for Local Programs – Includes state grant programs as well as federal pass-through programs and federal managed programs, plus guidance, training, and technical assistance

Federal Funding

At the federal level, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) implements transportation funding programs and offers policy guidance. For more information, see:

Last Modified: June 22, 2022