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Local and Road Improvement Districts Manual Appendices

This page contains the appendices to the Local and Road Improvement Districts Manual for Washington State, 6th Edition, Report No. 59, Revised 2009.


Forms, ordinances, notices, etc., are from various cities across Washington state and are included in this document solely as examples of what other cities have used. Each of these was developed for a unique project for a specific city. No representation is made that these are specifically applicable to any other city's unique project. All legal notices, ordinances and forms must be prepared by the city's attorney and approved at some point by the city's bond counsel.

Appendix A: Checklists and Flowcharts

For examples of checklists and flowcharts, see our page Local Improvement Districts (LIDs). We will soon be migrating other documents from these appendices onto that page.

Appendix B: Formation Stage Forms

Appendix C: LID Administration Forms

LID administration encompasses interim financing, design, bidding and award, construction contract administration and project closeout, all of which are beyond the scope of this document. Regular monthly status reports to the Mayor, Council and LID property owners are important, including financial reports. Electronic spreadsheets have made it much easier to track project costs in real time, to provide comparisons to approved budgets, to allocate costs to different funding sources, to track revenues and to interrelate to finance department records

Appendix D: Final Assessment Stage Forms

Appendix E: Bond Sale and Call Procedures and Issues

Appendix F: Road Improvement Districts

Jefferson County

Spokane County

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