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Posts for January 2013

Employment Law Alert: Washington High Court Issues Important Decision on Rest Breaks and Overtime Pay

Are employees owed overtime pay if they work through rest periods that the employer is required by law to provide? The Washington Supreme Court’s decision in Wash. State Nurses Ass'n v. Sacred Heart Med. Ctr., 175 Wn.2d 822 (2012) addresses the issue.

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one office folder with a label with text: budget (3d render)

When One Budget Closes Another One Opens (But Where’s the Cash?)

It may seem too soon to be discussing budget questions on how to deal with your ending cash balance, or maybe too late; but, we’re still asked about the proper way to handle some of the uncertainty...

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It Takes a Community (and Some Smart Investing) to Create the Shining City on a Hill

To become that shining city (or county) on a hill, or to make that "Best-Places-to-Live" list, communities must successfully implement a vision. This...

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What Happens When the Parties to an Interlocal Agreement End Up in a Dispute?

A partnership formed by an interlocal agreement has one similarity to a marriage relationship: when it’s formed everybody tends to be optimistic, and often the parties do not want to consider the possibility of conflicts or dissolution – but those drafting an interlocal agreement, and those responsible for administering the agreement, should discuss what could go wrong, and prepare...

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What Can You Do at a Special Meeting?

Special meetings of local governing bodies are called for a specific reason - to do what is stated in the notice of the special meeting. But can a governing body, say a city council or board of county commissioners, do anything else at a special meeting?

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Beautiful business woman high fiving colleague during meeting

Employee Satisfaction: What Goes Around Comes Around

Happy employees are goodwill ambassadors for your brand, whether it’s selling a product or delivering public service. In his book “Extreme Government Makeover," Ken Miller describes ...

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