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Posts for July 2013


Successful Tips for Recruiting Board and Commission Members

When a vacancy occurs on a citizen board or commission, it’s a real opportunity to seek out new voices to contribute to the dialogue on community issues.

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Speed Dating: It's Not Just for Your Social Life Anymore

"Speed mentoring" provides a creative opportunity to allow people to make contact with people in fields they might want to pursue. Lynn Nordby considers how this concept might be applied to other local government activities.

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All-Terrain Vehicles Renamed and Rolling

The 2013 Legislature has significantly changed the statutes relating to the use of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and other types of off-road vehicles in the State of Washington. ESHB 1632 (Laws of 2013, 2d Spec. Sess., ch. 23), which goes into effect on...

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Changes to Two Annexation Methods Enacted by 2013 Legislature

The 2013 Legislature has in two separate bills enacted changes to the "unincorporated island" method of annexation, though only as it applies to code cities, and has in one of those bills also enacted changes to the interlocal agreement method of annexation of areas served by a fire district, as it applies to all cities. I'd like to explain what these changes, which are effective on July 28,...

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Use of Social Networking in Employment Decisions

Legislation has been enacted that will prohibit an employer's ability to require that job applicants and current employees  provide social media passwords or other account information as a condition of employment or continued employment.  The legislation, chapter 330, Laws of 2013, goes into effect July 28, 2013.
Here is an excerpt from the Final Bill Report for the legislation:

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