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Posts for June 2013

Cities and Towns: Don't Forget to Notify Your County When You Annex Territory

It's come to my attention that cities and towns sometimes do not notify their county (as well as fire and library districts, where applicable) when they annex territory. Notification to the county treasurer and assessor is required by state law, and lack of notification will prevent some property tax revenues collected from annexed territories from reaching their annexing cities and towns.

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Are Local Government Revenues Lagging Behind the Economy?

Using past recessions as a guide, the rule of thumb is that the recovery in local government revenues will lag 18 to 24 months behind the low point of a recession, but in Washington the lag may be shorter for some jurisdictions.

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The Deadline for Filing for Final Plat Approval and the Vesting Period for Final Plats – the Rules Change Once Again

The 2013 legislature extended the time period for filing a final plat up to 10 years from the date of preliminary plat approval, depending on when the preliminary plat was approved and whether the plat is subject to the Shoreline Management Act.

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A wall clock says 'too late' symbolizes a missed opportunity, a lost bargain, the chance of a lifetime... Other pics of the same set: 'too soon' and 'on time'. Computer generated image.

Missing a Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

Historians are going to look back at this time in our nation’s history and shake their heads at the opportunities cities, counties, states, and school districts failed to capitalize on. With interest rates at the...

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