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Posts for June 2014

Update (Correction) on New Laws that Affect City/Town Annexations

In my June 10 blog post, New Laws that Affect City/Town Annexations, I discussed the implications of 2013 legislation, SSB 5444, which amended RCW 84.40.175 to eliminate the requirement that county assessors annually value tax-exempt government-owned properties. I interpreted the practical result of this legislation as being that government-owned property will no longer count towards the 100...

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The Greening of Main Street

There is increasing evidence that green development on main streets and in downtowns has a positive influence on urban vitality. A 2014 report heightened interest in sustainable, green development on older main streets as well as in developing downtowns.

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New Laws that Affect City/Town Annexations

Washington cities and towns should be aware of legislation from 2013 and 2014 affecting notice of annexation and the valuation of publicly owned property.

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Off With His Head!

Should you fire a person who makes a mistake? Perhaps it depends, but this article argues that exposing and correcting the mistake fits right into the Lean management cycle and provides an opportunity to improve.

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