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Posts for September 2012

Unsung Heroes of the Washington Public Works Community: The APWA Division 1 Subcommittee

Plugged in as I am to the greater Washington State public works community, I’ve had many opportunities over the years to see and to experience the dedication and - well, the devotion - of public works professionals to their craft. They truly do go beyond and above the call of duty and their paychecks. In an ongoing, but intermittent, series of blog entries over the next few months, I hope to...

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When Is a Resignation by an Elected Official Effective?

We often receive questions regarding when the resignation of an elective official is effective. The basic issue is whether a resignation has to be accepted by the governing body of the agency for the resignation to be effective. Until 2002, the common law rule was that a resignation had to be accepted to be effective.  In 2002, the state court of appeals in State ex rel. Munroe v. Poulsbo, 109...

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Recent Court Guidance on What Constitutes a Public Record under the Public Records Act

While it is often clear what is a public record under the PRA, the issue of what is not a public record is less clear and sometimes overlooked. The 2012 court decision West v. Thurston County provides a helpful analysis to help determine what is, and is not, a public record under the PRA.

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Wearing Uniforms in Political Advertisements

This fall’s election is only a couple of months away, and candidates for office or proponents/opponents of ballot measures may be wondering if their advertisements may make use of photographs showing police officers, deputy sheriffs, firefighters, or other uniformed employees dressed in their agency uniforms. State law, specifically RCW 42.17A.555, prohibits the use of public facilities for the...

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