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Employee Satisfaction Pays

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This report on the CBS Sunday Morning broadcast of August 31 offers more evidence in support of the proposition I made in a previous MRSC Insight blog post, Employee Satisfaction: What Goes Around Comes Around, that satisfied employees are good for your "brand." In that post I described how dissatisfied employees negatively affect customer service and therefore your organization's bottom line, whether it is reflected in its fiscal condition or in the case of public institutions, public support. In this feature CBS Sunday Morning shares long term research by Fortune magazine that demonstrates the inverse, the positive effect derived from satisfied employees. According to their research, the companies ranked as "best to work for" consistently outperform the S&P 500 and the Russell 3000 by a factor of nearly 2 to 1!

What more proof do managers, boards, councils and commissions need to prove that it literally pays to treat your people well? As I've said before, public agencies can't always compete monetarily with the private sector but respect  and appreciation go a long way toward making the work environment positive and engaging. Employees who work in that kind of environment will thrive, deliver better customer service and make your organization more successful.

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