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Cooperative Senior Housing: An Alternative to Meet the Needs of Today’s Senior Citizens

Cooperative Senior Housing: An Alternative to Meet the Needs of Today’s Senior Citizens

The needs of retirees continue to change as they age. Innocative alternatives such as senior co-operative housing may better address today's seniors than traditional senior housing models.

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What’s Not to Like? – Pre-Approved Plans Offer Faster Permitting, Cheaper Housing, Quality Design

It is probably fair to say that most homeowners or builders who visit city hall (or the county) for a single family or small project permit, have less than fond memories...

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Oso “Extreme Event” Prompts New Look at Landslide Hazards Regulation

March 22, 2014 is a day that will be etched in the minds of many Snohomish County residents. On that day, the massive, muddy Oso landslide sped down a mountainside...

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Can You Hear Me Now? Reaching Out to Engage Increasingly Diverse Communities

According to the Rhode Island Chapter of the American Planning Association, “when it comes to effective communication … the ‘general public’ doesn’t exist.”  Rather than...

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New Chapters in People-Centered Placemaking

Notions about the importance of placemaking to the quality of community life are not new. The virtues of special spaces/gathering places were championed by no lesser luminaries than Jane Jacobs, Kevin Lynch, and...

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It Takes a Community (and Some Smart Investing) to Create the Shining City on a Hill

To become that shining city (or county) on a hill, or to make that "Best-Places-to-Live" list, communities must successfully implement a vision. This...

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The Density/Transportation Connection

Density is an issue that has stirred great controversy and heated emotions in many a community. While some advocate added density as the fix to our transportation woes and as an essential element of vibrant, full-service communities, others see it as a threat to the quality of community life with few compensating rewards.

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Infill Development in My Back Yard? Strategies for Winning Infill Development Support

Infill development, by definition, brings change that nearby residents may view with suspicion. But a number of communities have developed exemplary programs to win support for infill development that respects neighborhood character and adds to the community.

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