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Posts for Mark Busto

The EEOC Provides ADA Guidance on Specific Conditions

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) recently issued four new "Question and Answer" documents that address how the Americans with Disabilities Act relates specifically to diabetes, epilepsy, intellectual disabilities, and cancer.

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Electronic Communications and Social Media: Managing Employer Risks with Clear Policies

When employees engage in social media, the line between workplace and personal conduct can be easily blurred. This post reminds public employers to revisit their electronic communication policies and establish guidelines and expectations concerning employee use of social media.

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Employers Need to Promptly and Effectively Address Complaints of Workplace Harassment

If an employer fails to take prompt and effective action to correct or end a workplace harassment issue, it can incur significant liability as shown in the 2010 court decision EEOC v. Prospect Airport Services.

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