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Recapping the November 2023 Local Ballot Measure Results

There were a 113 ballot measures before voters this past November, in an off-year election that drew record-low voter turnouts. How did that impact levy lid lifts requests, newly proposed districts, or citizen's initiatives? 

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2022 Legislation About Public Safety

Among other items, 2022 legislation related to public safety clarifies use-of-force provisions for law enforcement and makes slight changes to what could be considered military equipment.  

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New Laws About Public Safety

The 2021 Regular Legislative Session included several bills that impacted local law enforcement agencies, and this blog offers an overview of some of the more complex bills. 

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Police, Mental Health Professionals Partner to Improve 911 Response

This blog looks at the co-responder law enforcement model, which brings social service responders and mental health professionals into the 911 crisis response.

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Ballot Measure Results from the 2020 General Election

This blog post recaps some of the local ballot measure results from the November 2020 general election and discusses why the record-breaking turnout may make ballot measure validation tougher next year.

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Promising Practices for Washington Local Governments: October 2020

This post highlights promising practices in revitalizing downtown cores, reimagining the functions of law enforcement, and paperless approval processes.

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Promising Practices: Police (and Beyond) Drone Programs

This post highlights promising practices in the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for law enforcement and other purposes. 

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Spokane's Outreach Strategies at the Forefront of Community Policing Efforts

Spokane Police Department's 2015 Community Outreach Strategy shows some innovative community policing techniques.

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Emerging Issue Update: Police Body Cameras

A roundup of the latest news and information, including a few sample policies, we have been gathering on the emerging issue of body-worn cameras.

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Emerging Issue: Police Body Cameras in Washington State

The recent fatal shooting of the unarmed black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, has greatly accelerated an already growing interest in the use of police body-worn cameras across the country and in several Washington communities.

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Police Staffing - How Much Is Enough?

Recently, Anna Halloran, Manager of the Community Indicators Initiative at Eastern Washington University, asked me to comment on trends in police staffing in Spokane County.  From 2008 to 2010,...

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