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Posts for Subdivisions and Planned Developments

Faster Plan Review Turnarounds Are Within Your Reach

Guest author Rich Conrad presents a 4-step approach to plan reviews might be the key to helping you end backlog burdens and produce faster results.

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What are “Land Use Control Ordinances” for Purposes of Subdivision Application Vesting?

What are "land use control ordinances" in the context of vesting for subdivision and short subdivision applications? The phrase is not defined by statute, but court decisions provide some insight.

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The Deadline for Filing for Final Plat Approval and the Vesting Period for Final Plats – the Rules Change Once Again

The 2013 legislature extended the time period for filing a final plat up to 10 years from the date of preliminary plat approval, depending on when the preliminary plat was approved and whether the plat is subject to the Shoreline Management Act.

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Planned Unit Developments - Real World Experiences

The concept of planned unit developments (PUDs) has been around for quite some time. Most cities and counties in Washington have adopted PUD ordinances. But how are these ordinances working in the real world? What are the major challenges? Are ordinances even necessary?

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