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Posts for Interlocal Cooperation

Responding to Sea Level Rise: A Multijurisdictional Approach to Protecting Downtown Olympia

With a history of flooding and concerns about sea level rise due to climate change, Olympia has teamed up with other jurisdictions to address this potential challenge and safeguard vital services.

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The ABCs of Piggybacking

Piggybacking allows an agency to use another agency's contract to procure products, services, and public works. However, contracts should be carefully reviewed to make sure these are adaptable and beneficial and to ensure the procurement process was compliant with the law. 

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Local Government Contracting and Agreements for Non-Public Works Projects

This blog explores the options available for local government contracting and agreements related to non-public woks projects. 

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What Happens When the Parties to an Interlocal Agreement End Up in a Dispute?

A partnership formed by an interlocal agreement has one similarity to a marriage relationship: when it’s formed everybody tends to be optimistic, and often the parties do not want to consider the possibility of conflicts or dissolution – but those drafting an interlocal agreement, and those responsible for administering the agreement, should discuss what could go wrong, and prepare...

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Regionalizing Local Government Services

Governments often assume they will realize savings by regionalizing services. In Clark County we thought we should test that hypothesis. We made the study of regionalization an important part of the county's reconfiguration project. What we found was the relationship between...

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Practical Resources for Consolidating Services

In the current economic climate, all of us are looking for ways to do things better and with less expense.  At MRSC, we are getting lots of requests for information about consolidation as a way to reduce...

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