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A black leather office chair with a sign stating vacancy taped to it

Vacancies in Local Elected Office: Understanding the New Rules for Special Purpose Districts

Adopted by the legislature in 2023, SSB 5437 created new requirements for certain special purpose districts that need to appoint a candidate to fill a vacant position on their governing body. 

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Salary Increases Coming in 2024 for Many Special Purpose District Officials

Every five years elected commissioners, board members, supervisors, and directors of special purpose districts receive increases in compensation as established by the Washington State Office of Financial Management. The next increases take effect January 1, 2024.

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Empty outdoor public swimming pool waiting for swimmers

Ballot Measure Highlights from the August 2023 Primary Election

Primary elections generally see some ballot measures succeed and some fail across the state. This past August, libraries, rec centers, and fire districts fared well, but public hospital districts saw mixed success. And, as always,  levy lid lift measures achieved mixed results.

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New Options for Creating Fire and Metro Park Districts

The 2017 legislative session yielded new options for establishing a fire and/or metro park district. Consultant Lynn Nordby looks at these changes. 

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