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Posts for Law Enforcement Records Disclosure

New Recording and Disclosure Requirements for Certain Law Enforcement Interrogations

Beginning this year, law enforcement agencies in Washington now must meet new recording requirements for certain interrogations as well as new retention requirements for digital records. 

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Police Records: My Take on Some of the Tricky Disclosure Questions

This blog provides answers to a number of interesting questions on disclosure of police records.

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New PRA Exemption for Body Camera Recordings

Thanks to EHB 2362, there’s a new Public Records Act (PRA) exemption for body camera recordings. However, the new exemption only applies to agencies with body camera programs in effect as of June 9, 2016, so act soon if your agency wants to take advantage of it.

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Police Body Cameras: Privacy Implications and Other Considerations

There’s been quite a bit of buzz recently around the issue of police body cameras – cameras attached to a police officer’s uniform or cap that record conversations and actions of people within the camera’s purview.  In addition to the national focus on police body cameras resulting from the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri – for which there was no video recording – a number of jurisdictions in this state, including Spokane and Seattle, are looking at implementing or have implemented police body camera programs. And the Washington State Attorney General just opined on privacy law considerations regarding their use.

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