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Key Takeaways from the AWC Budget and Finance Management Workshop

This blog covers some key financial management takeaways from the 2019 Association of Washington Cities (AWC) Budgeting and Financial Management Workshop.

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Financial Policies: Travel, Expense Reimbursement, Credit Cards, and More

MRSC has partnered with the State Auditor’s Office (SAO) Center for Government Innovation to expand the Financial Policies Tool Kit we first launched two years ago. This blog post covers some of the highlights.

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Financial Management: The “Big Picture,” Part 2

In Part 2 of this 2-part series, Finance Consultant Mike Bailey looks at tools that can help a local government monitor its fiscal progress or setbacks.

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Financial Management: The “Big Picture,” Part 1

This 2-part series will look at how all staff can contribute to the big-picture fiscal health of an agency, from establishing an agency-wide blueprint to finding the right tools to monitor fiscal progress or setbacks.

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Reading the Economic Tea Leaves: When and How to Prepare for an Eventual Downturn

While it's impossible to predict the economic future, this blog post pulls together insights from a variety of sources to help you try to understand when and how to prepare for a slowing economy.

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Fiscal Feast or Famine: A Survival Guide

What can local governments do to avoid the fiscal cliff? Advisor Stan Finkelstein argues that the best defense is to develop a multiyear forecast of anticipated resources and expenditures.

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Which Financial Policies Work Best? 'It Depends.'

What is the right level of fund balance for local government? For many reasons, "It depends" is the best place to start when answering that question. 

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Financial Management of Municipal Court Services

This Advisor column addresses how municipalities can work together with the judicial system to provide effective financial management of the municipal courts.

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Does Your City have Too Many Funds?

Not too long ago, I read a short tidbit in one of the local newspapers about the adoption of a nearby city’s budget. I was struck by the fact that the city had 28 different funds in its budget. With so many funds to account for, it got me thinking about the criteria for establishing funds and when a city might have too many funds.

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Reprioritizing in the Rebound

At a recent retreat, the Kirkland City Council discussed how to proactively plan what to do with increased revenues as the economy recovers. This blog post recaps some of the key points from that discussion.

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Vintage Bond - Background

Be Aware and Beware of Interest Rate Risk

Last November, the Office of the State Treasurer published a memo titled “Looking for Yield in a Low Rate Environment: Risks to Avoid.” Five months later, we still have a “low rate environment,” and the advice given in that...

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