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A website updating on a laptop and cell phone

Website Changes Make It Easier to Explore MRSC Topics

Have you ever found it hard to find the right information on our website even though you know it has to be there? We've now made it easier to explore all the content, including the ability to browse new topic areas or view all topic webpages in alphabetical order.

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Oskar Rey seated at computer desk in MRSC's offices

Legal Consultant Oskar Rey Moves On: “Thank You for an Amazing Learning Experience.”

In his final days working as a legal consultant with MRSC, Oskar Rey gives thanks to the many people that helped him gain a deeper knowledge of municipal law, through debate, research, writing, and training. 

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A circled calendar date with the phrase, Learn something new!

Local Governments Can Now Dig Into Free Public Works Training

MRSC has received funding to offer training and technical assistance on public works contracting and to help local governments comply with SB 5268, which modifies small works roster requirements, and HB 1050, which expands apprenticeship utilization to municipalities.

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Introducing Cheryl Grant, MRSC's Newest Finance Consultant

MRSC welcomes Cheryl Grant onto the team as our newest finance consultant. Cheryl is excited to be working with small cities and agencies.

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New guidance icon on blackboard with close up of hands tapping on a laptop

New Public Works Guidance from MRSC

Thanks to state funding and new partnerships, MRSC continues to build its procurement and contracting resources for local governments, including resources on making contracting more inclusive (as well as general best practices) and an updated Small Works Rosters manual.

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New Materials Help Local Governments Comply with the Open Public Meetings Act

From our comprehensive Open Public Meetings Act (OPMA) publication to new guidance sheets on meeting minutes and meeting agendas, MRSC has revamped and completely updated its OPMA materials — including webpages and downloadable materials — to help agencies stay compliant. 

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New Resources Help Local Governments Reduce Climate Impacts, Build Resilient Communities

All across Washington State local governments are wondering how they can better prepare their communities for the negative impacts of climate change. Now, we are offering more tools and resources to push these efforts forward.

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New Interactive Map, Webpage Highlight Local Climate Plans

As part of its Local Climate Response Project, MRSC is pleased to unveil a new webpage featuring an interactive map and detailed information about specialized planning efforts being taken by local governments across Washington State. 

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Introducing Josh Klika, Procurement & Contracting Consultant

MRSC welcomes Josh Klika, most recently with the City of Olympia, as the new Procurement and Contracting Consultant.

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MRSC Releases Results of Local Government Climate Response Survey

MRSC's Local Climate Response Project surveyed local government staff about their agency's concerns and actions related to climate change, and the results are available in this blog.

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MRSC Tackles Big Challenges Through Its Local Climate Response Project

MRSC is launching the Local Climate Response Project this month to help local governments protect the health and economic vitality of their communities.

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Byron Katsuyama Retires: Thanks for the Privilege of Serving Washington Local Governments for 43 Years

After a long and fruitful career at MRSC, Public Policy Consultant Byron Katsuyama is retiring. 

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MRSC Welcomes New Public Policy Consultant Lisa Pool

Formerly a senior planner with the City of Bellingham, Lisa Pool has joined MRSC as the new Public Policy Consultant.

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New MRSC Website Improvements Make Information Even Easier to Find

This blog post covers recent improvements made to our website that will make it easier for you to find the information that you are seeking.

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Meet Eric Lowell, MRSC's Newest Finance Consultant

MRSC welcomes Eric Lowell onto the team as our newest Finance Consultant. Prior to joining MRSC, Eric served as the Finance and IT Director for Timberland Regional Library.

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Farewell to MRSC’s Public Policy Consultant and Finance Analyst, Laura Crandall

Best wishes to Laura Crandall, MRSC's former Public Policy Consultant and Finance Analyst, as she begins a new chapter with Seattle University. 

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Goodbye from Finance Consultant Mike Bailey

Finance Consultant Mike Bailey is retiring. In this blog post, he reflects on his many years working with and for local governments in Washington State.

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See You Later: Finance Consultant Toni Nelson Retires

Finance Consultant Toni Nelson is retiring at the end of September after a long career in local government. 

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Introducing Steve Gross, MRSC Legal Consultant

MRSC is happy to announce that Steve Gross has joined our legal team. 

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Legal Consultant Paul Sullivan Retires

Legal Consultant Paul Sullivan is retiring after more than 30 years at MRSC. 

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