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Shows a fleet of mid-sized electric vehicles being charged at a public charging station

Tips for Transitioning Fleet Vehicles to Electric

Electric vehicle (EV) fleets can help an agency save money and meet greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets, but transitioning fleets to EVs will be a major undertaking. It helps to start small and to pair the program with the build out of local EV charging infrastructure.

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Beat the Heat with Heat Pumps

Some local governments are turning to high-efficiency, electric-powered heat pumps as a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including developing programs that incentivize homeowners to install them in their place of residence. 

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New Legislation, Guidance Targets a Green Energy Future in Washington

In a push to carbon neutrality, Washington State agencies and the legislature have put in place laws and mandates designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in buildings, invest in transportation alternatives, reduce waste, and expedite the approval of green energy projects.  

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Local Governments Take Innovative Approaches To Prepare For Electric Vehicles

As electric vehicle use increases across Washington State, local governments are looking at ways to support, and even encourage, their use.

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New Program Supports Transition To Cleaner Vehicle Fleets

Local governments wanting to switch to cleaner, zero-emissions car fleets now have a new resource to consult, the Green Transportation Program. 

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Meeting the Challenge of Washington’s New Clean Buildings Standard

This blog post will provide an overview of the New Clean Building Standard and how it applies to your publicly owned buildings. 

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Alternative Fuel Requirement Deadline Fast Approaching

Effective June 1, 2018, all local government subdivisions are required to satisfy 100% of their fuel usage for operating publicly owned vessels, vehicles, and construction equipment from electricity or biofuel. This blog post looks at the legislation, requirements, and options.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: To Charge or Not to Charge?

Can local governments allow employees and members of the public to charge their personal electric vehicles without a fee or provide other electric charging benefits?

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LED Streetlighting - Shedding Light on the Subject

At a recent meeting of city managers from King County and Snohomish County, representatives from Seattle City Light and the city of Shoreline presented information about the move to convert street lighting...

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