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Why Are There so Many Types of Cities and Counties? A Guide to Municipal Classifications and Forms of Government

Washington State has a broad array of local governments that vary in terms of classification as well as form, and these concepts highlight the parameters under which cities, towns, and counties operate and govern.

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Washington Cities Have More Powers Than We Think

Optional municipal code (code) and first class (charter) cities in Washington have many more powers than we think. City officials and their lawyers frequently wrestle with whether they have sufficient authority to do one thing or another, and then run to the legislature for express permission. But that’s often not necessary.

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Confirmation of Mayoral Appointments (and Terminations) by City or Town Council – Is that OK?

In mayor-council cities and towns, the mayor is generally in charge of the hiring and firing of all appointed officers and employees. But can the city or town council require that the council confirm mayoral appointments before they become effective?

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