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Active senior couple running outdoors in park along lake

Is Your Community Age Friendly?

What can planners do to make their communities more welcoming for residents as they age? Research shows that investments in transportation infrastructure, compact, mixed-use land use patterns that support walkability, and diverse housing options can help people age in place.

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Encouraging Neighborhood-Friendly, Residential Infill Development

Residential infill development can be used as an approach for communities experiencing a moderate/high rate of residential development or those looking to create a diversity of housing options for all income levels. This blog post looks at options ranging from ADU's to cottage housing and more. 

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Tactical Urbanism: Applying a Big City Placemaking Technique to Smaller Communities

Tactical urbanism offers cities and towns of all sizes a way of testing out and engaging their communities in new placemaking techniques, without requiring major capital investments.

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The Greening of Main Street

There is increasing evidence that green development on main streets and in downtowns has a positive influence on urban vitality. A 2014 report heightened interest in sustainable, green development on older main streets as well as in developing downtowns.

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New Chapters in People-Centered Placemaking

Notions about the importance of placemaking to the quality of community life are not new. The virtues of special spaces/gathering places were championed by no lesser luminaries than Jane Jacobs, Kevin Lynch, and...

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