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MRSC Quarterly Print Newsletter

In addition to our regular e-newsletters, MRSC also produces a quarterly Municipal Research News print newsletter that we mail to city and county officials, state legislators, and other local government partners.

These newsletters include some of our most popular recent blog posts from the past quarter, highlights of recent projects that MRSC has completed, answers to selected "Ask MRSC" questions, a Washington State trivia question, and more.

Below are our most recent editions.

Municipal Research News cover Winter 2023

Winter 2023 Newsletter

This issue includes articles and questions related to levy lid lifts, a recent court ruling on anti-camping ordinances, annexation, and the new MRSC Rosters e-bidding service.

Plus: Which city has been voting for a town grouch since 1985?

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Municipal Research News cover Fall 2022

Fall 2022 Newsletter

This issue includes recent Supreme Court decisions on censures and sign regulation, Ask MRSC inquiries related to governing body actions, and procurement articles and resources.

Plus: In which Washington county lies the deepest river gorge in North America at 7,913 feet deep?

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Municipal Research News Summer 2022 cover

Summer 2022 Newsletter

This edition includes information on a collaboration between MRSC and the Washington Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC), as well as issues related to donations, local government recruitment and hiring, and changes to personnel laws.

Plus: What is the oldest incorporated city or town in Washington State?

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Municipal Research News Spring 2022 cover

Spring 2022 Newsletter

This issue includes articles on short-term rentals, new MRSC climate resources, new requirements for law enforcement interrogations, and piggybacking, as well as Ask MRSC inquiries related to environmental issues.

Plus: Which city lies at the end of the Oregon ("Cowlitz" Trail and is the oldest permanent American settlement in the Puget Sound?

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