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Description Date Jurisdiction
Aberdeen Ordinance No. 6550 - Adopts Ch. 17.62, Marijuana Related Uses, interim zoning regulations pursuant to RCW 35.63.200; prohibits medical cannabis collective gardens in all zoning districts of the city; allows the production, processing and retailing of marijuana in the industrial and light-industrial districts 10/2013 Aberdeen
Airway Heights Ordinance No. C-834 - Adds Ch. 5.14, Medical Cannabis Collective Garden Regulatory License; Ch. 5.15 State-Licensed Cannabis Producers, Processors and Retailers; Ch. 17.14, Medical Cannabis Collective Gardens, Co-Operatives, and Dispensaries and State-Licensed Cannabis Producers, Processors and Retailers 8/04/2015 Airway Heights
Algona Ordinance No. 1092-14 - Prohibits recreational marijuana processing, producing, or retail outlets and sale 10/28/2014 Algona
Ordinance No. 2586 - Establishes a service award recognition program for employees 04/2002 Anacortes
Resolution No. 1752 - Promotes the use of LEED standards in the construction and renovation of city buildings and in the construction practices of the private sector 1/08 Anacortes
Resolution No. 1609 - Establishes a public corporation to renew a blighted property 6/02 Anacortes
Anacortes Ordinance No. 2925 - Zoning regulations for recreational marijuana uses 7/07/2014 Anacortes
Annapolis Water District Resolution No. 1028 - Formally determines consolidation with Karcher Creek Sewer District into West Sound Utility District No. 1 3/28/2007 Annapolis Water District
Arlington Ordinance No. 2014-015 - Zoning regulations on the production, processing, and retails sales of marijuana 10/06/2014 Arlington
Ordinance No. 2014-002 - Adds Sections 20.40.040(5) and 20.48.040(H); amends Sections 20.08.010 and Table 20.40.010-1 to establish local restrictions on the production, processing, selling, or delivery of marijuana 2/2014 Arlington
Arlington Ordinance No. 2011-023 - Adopts moratorium on the establishment of medical marijuana dispensaries, collective gardens and the licensing and permitting thereof 8/2011 Arlington
Resolution No. 4091 - Provides for submission of proposition to create the Valley Regional Fire Protection Service Authority coextensive with the boundaries of Algona, Auburn, and Pacific and approval of fire service plan (attached); election November 7, 2006 09/06 Auburn
Resolution No. 4194 - Supports the proposition which creates the Valley Regional Fire Authority encompassing Algona, Auburn and Pacific; November 7, 2006 vote 10/02 Auburn
Auburn Transportation Benefit District Resolution No. 2012-2 - Proposition submitted to voters to authorize the issuance of general obligation bonds to pay the costs of the transportation improvements and projects 2/2012 Auburn
Resolution No. 2009-06 - Provides for the submission to the voters of the city, at a special election to be held therein on May 19,2009, of a proposition of whether the city should adopt the council/manager form of govermnent and abandon the council/mayor form of govermnent 3/2009 Bainbridge Island
Bainbridge Island Ordinance No. 2014-06 - Zoning regulations for recreational marijuana processing, producing/growing, retailing and collective gardens 5/12/2014 Bainbridge Island
Battle Ground Ordinance No. 13-01 - Annexation of unincorporated territory and fixing its zone for land use 1/2013 Battle Ground
Ordinance No. 3986 - Water use restrictions 02/1989 Bellevue
Resolution No. 6769 - Adjusts the boundary line between the city of Bellevue and the city of Redmond, pursuant to RCW 35.13.340 et seq., a portion of Lot 19 in the Kimura Nursery Planned Unit Development located at the intersection of Bellevue-Redmond Road and NE 40th Street; and providing conditions for such adjustment 10/02 Bellevue
Ordinance No. 5109 - Impoundment of vehicles by persons with a suspended or revoked license 12/14/1998 Bellevue
Resolution No. 5840 - Joint resolution with the Bellevue School District to create a partnership to meet the needs of the community by focusing on schools as community resource centers 12/1994 Bellevue
Ordinance No. 6222 - Extends interim official zoning controls regarding the regulation of recreational marijuana producers, processors and retailers for a period of six months 4/04/2014 Bellevue
Bellevue Ordinance No. 5880 - Annexation for municipal purposes 5/28/2009 Bellevue
Ordinance No. 5828 - Provides for submission of proposition to voters authorizing the city to increase its regular property tax levy for open space and parks facilties 7/08 Bellevue
Bellevue Resolution No. 6743 - De-annexes three parcels of land to the town of Beaux Arts from the city of Bellevue, pursuant to RCW 35.10.217(2) 9/2002 Bellevue
Ordinance No. 2015-02-003 - Adopts and renews interim zoning regulations for the siting, establishment, and operation of any structures or uses relating to the production, processing, or retailing of recreational marijuana 02/09/2015 Bellingham
Ordinance No. 2002-01-007 - Annexation, petition method, non-code city 02/2002 Bellingham
Resolution No. 2007-10 - Adopts greenhouse gas reduction targets and climate protection action plan 5/07 Bellingham
Ordinance No. 2015-06-022 - Adopts interim zoning regulations for the cultivation of medical marijuana for personal use and establishing an immediate moratorium on the siting, establishment, and operation of medical marijuana collective gardens and cooperatives 6/22/2015 Bellingham
Ordinance No. 2004-09-061 - Six-year property tax levy lid lift measure on the November ballot to provide a funding source for the Emergency Medical Service Program 9/04 Bellingham
Benton City Resolution No. 2015-06 - Renews the moratorium on the siting of any marijuana production, processing or retail sale establishment for six months 5/05/2015 Benton City
Benton County Resolution No. 2014-167 - Land use guidance for the growing, processing and selling of marijuana products 2/25/2014 Benton County
Resolution No. 2015-006 - Transportation of crude oil through the city of Bingen 6/05/2015 Bingen
Birch Bay Water and Sewer District Resolution No. 722 - Amends Section 13.01.010; water and sewer service fees and charges 12/13/2012 Birch Bay Water and Sewer District
Birch Bay Water and Sewer District Resolution No. 718 - Amends Sections 2.08.020 and 2.08.030; updates authorization and governance of payments of district funds 6/28/2012 Birch Bay Water and Sewer District
Ordinance No. 1024 - One-year moratorium and work plan prohibiting the siting, establishment, location, maintenance, operation or continuance of any structures, property or uses relating to recreational marijuana 03/20/2014 Black Diamond
Ordinance No. 15-1047 - Prohibits the siting, establishment, operation or licensing of any structures, property, uses or businesses relating to recreational marijuana production, processing, cultivation, storage, sale, delivery, exchange or bartering 2/05/2015 Black Diamond
Resolution No. 1212 - Adopts joint resolution with Birch Bay Water District to develop cooperative water conservation policies 08/1998 Blaine
Blaine Ordinance No. 2843 - Adds Ch. 17.150, marijuana control regulations 11/2013 Blaine
Ordinance No. 1481 - Extends moratorium 04/2014 Bonney Lake
Bonney Lake Ordinance No. 1502 - Prohibits recreational marijuana production, processing and retail sales; meidcal marijuana colelctibe gardens and dispensaries 1/13/2015 Bonney Lake
Bonney Lake Ordinance No. 1218 - Annexation, petition method, code city 1/2007 Bonney Lake
Bonney Lake Ordinance No. 903 - Annexation, petition method, code city 11/2001 Bonney Lake
Ordinance No. 1383 - Abandons the combined at-large/ward system of council representation in favor of a completely at-large system of council representation 3/2011 Bonney Lake
Resolution No. 1246 - Authorizes the provision of food and/or refreshments at city expense to facilitate periodic public outreach and employee training sessions 4/04 Bonney Lake
Resolution No. 1870 - Call for special election to change city's classification to charter code city 8/08 Bonney Lake
Ordinance No. 1416 - Accepts deed and establishes a task force for the Bothell Pioneer Cemetery 04/`991 Bothell
Ordinance No. 2091 - Acquisition by eminent domain of a certain portion of property in the city necessary for the Crossroads Project 05/2012 Bothell
Resolution No. 1177 - Declares October 24-31, 2005, as BuyBOTHELL week and encourages all citizens to participate in the ongoing BuyBOTHELL Program 10/2005 Bothell
Bothell Ordinance No. 2075 - Annexation via island island annexation method 10/2011 Bothell
Ordinance No. 2006 - Acquisition by eminent domain of a certain portion of property necessary for the Crossroads Project 12/08 Bothell
Resolution No. 1254 - Expresses intent to consider annexation of portions or all of the city's municipal urban growth area via interlocal agreement process provided for in RCW 35A.14.480 2/2010 Bothell
Bothell Resolution No. 1278 - Establishes the date on which a measure concerning proposed annexation will appear on the ballot 2/2012 Bothell
Resolution No. 1214 (2008) - Approves a 6 year Saving Water Partnership goal of reducing consumption 1% per year; Saving Water Partnership municipal water use efficiency goal. 3/2008 Bothell
Bothell Resolution No. 1265 - Calls for an election to be held to submit a proposal for annexation to the voters 4/2011 Bothell
Bothell Resolution No. 1266 - Annexation of unincorporated Snohomish County territory under RCW 35.13.182 4/2011 Bothell
Ordinance No. 2168 - Acquisition by eminent domain of certain real property 4/2015 Bothell
Ordinance No. 4187 - Creates a downtown waterfront urban renewal district project area 02/1989 Bremerton
Ordinance No. 4873 - Expands community renewal project area 10/2003 Bremerton
Resolution No. 3019 - Establishes water efficiency goals for the city water utility 12/06 Bremerton
Ordinance No. 4926 - Authorizes the Kitsap County Consolidated Housing Authority to exercise public development authority powers 12/2004 Bremerton
Ordinance No. 14-642 - Amends Ch. 5.04 to provide for the denial of business licenses for any activity that is detrimental to public peace, health, or welfare, or that is illegal under state or federal law 03/2014 Bridgeport
Brier Ordinance No. 401 - Annexation of property under RCW 35.13.182 5/2012 Brier
Buckley Ordinance No. 01-15 - Six-month extension of a moratorium for the establishment, location, operation, licensing, permitting, maintenance or continuation of medical marijuana collective gardens or medical marijuana dispensaries 1/13/2015 Buckley
Ordinance No. 13-14 - Requiries that all establishments involved in the retail sale of recreational marijuana shall be separated from all other such establishments by at least 5,000 linear feet 11/12/2014 Buckley
Ordinance No. 12-11 - Allows historic wall signs in the downtown historic district 11/2011 Buckley
Ordinance No. 11-15 - Adopts a six-month moratorium on the establishment, location, licensing or permitting of marijuana production or processing facilities and operations 5/12/2015 Buckley
Ordinance No. 14-10 - Emergency medical services proerty tax levy 7/10 Buckley
Ordinance No. 15-10 - Amends sections of the municipal code related to the payment of fees for city-provided utility service; reduces penalty charged for delinquent accounts 8/10 Buckley
Ordinance No. 599 - Amends Title 19 related to the establishment, location, operation, licensing, maintenance or continuation of marijuana producers, processors, and retailers 02/2014 Burien
Burlington Ordinance No. 1788 - Adds medical marijuana/cannabis collective gardens and recreational marijuana processors, producers and retail stores as permitted primary uses in the M-1 Industrial District 11/2013 Burlington
Camas Ordinance No 2712 - Prohibits marijuana processors, producers and retailers in all zones 10/24/2014 Camas
Ordinance No. 405 - Imposes 12-month moratorium on the siting, establishment and operation of any structures or uses relating to marijuana production, marijuana processing, or marijuana retailing and the submission of any business registration or license applications for such uses 09/2013 Carbonado
Carnation Ordinance No. 839 - Adopts zoning and land use regulations governing marijuana-related uses 12/2013 Carnation
Castle Rock Ordinance No. 2011-16 - Amends Ch.17.40, C-2, highway business district, to allow medical marijuana collective gardens on certain properties subject to satisfying siting and permit criteria 12/2011 Castle Rock
Castle Rock Ordinance No. 2011-08 - Adopts interim zoning controls regarding medical marijuana collective gardens for a period of six months 7/2011 Castle Rock
Centralia Ordinance No. 1743 - Establishes Fords Prairie transportation benefit district; Ordinance No. 1783 - Amends boundaries of Fords Prairie transportation benefit district 2/25/1992 Centralia
Centralia Ordinance No. 2330 - Adds Ch. 20.65, recreational marijuana business 7/2014 Centralia
Chehalis Ordinance No. 928b - Extends moratorium on medical and recreational marijuana uses 2/2014 Chehalis
Ordinance No. 2012-1437 - Adds Sec. 17.04.160; collective gardens, as authorized by Washington law and federal law, shall be permitted in all zoning districts 05/2012 Chelan
Chelan Ordinance No. 2014-1474 - Regulations for marijuana-related businesses 6/2014 Chelan
Resolution No. 97-114 - Creates the Upper Valley Park and Recreation Service Area 09/1997 Chelan County
Chelan County Resolution No. 2014-5 - Regulation of marijuana-related uses 1/14/2014 Chelan County
Resolution No. 2013-82 - Adds Ch. 9.38, off-road and wheeled all-terrain vehicles 10/03/2013 Chelan County
Resolution 2000-106 - Creates the Mission Ridge Public Development Authority to: improve the general living and economic conditions by entering into contracts and partnerships with private entities for maintaining, upgrading, and improving the the Mission Ridge Ski Area; to apply for and administer public and private grant programs and other funds; to perform community services; and to provide and implement such municipal services and functions as the Board of Commissioners may direct 9/18/00 Chelan County
Chelan County Resolution No. 2013-73 - Adopts interim land use regulations and official controls marijuana related facilities 9/2013 Chelan County
Cheney Ordinance No. W-33 - Zoning and land use regulations for medical and recreational marijuana 4/22/2014 Cheney
Resolution No. C-815 - Amends the Cheney Comprehensive Plan, amending the Essential Pubilc Facilities Element, and adopting the Spokane County Regional Siting Policy for Essential Public Facilities Regional Siting Process 8/02 Cheney
Resolution No. C-815 - Amends the Cheney Comprehensive Plan, amending the Essential Pubilc Facilities Element, and adopting the Spokane County Regional Siting Policy for Essential Public Facilities Regional Siting Process 8/02 Cheney
Chewelah Ordinance No. 868 - Prohibits marijuana production, processing and retailing and incidental uses thereto 5/2014 Chewelah
Buy local resolution - Urges all Clark County residents and businesses to share in this effort to strengthen our communities, buying locally and using local businesses and services when practicable and possible 05/01/2012 Clark County
Clark County Ordinance No. 2014-05-07 - Adds Section 40.260.115, marijuana facilities 5/2014 Clark County
Ordinance No. 2002-07-21 - Creates the Clark County Public Facilities District 7/02 Clark County
Resolution No. 6889 - Adopts an identity theft program and delegates program administration to the general manager 10/21/2008 Clark County Public Utilties District
Clarkson Ordinance No. 1532 - Prohibits production, processing and/or retaill sales of recreational marijuana 11/24/2014 Clarkson
Ordinance No. 1390 - med mar 10/2013 Cle Elum
Cle Elum Ordinance No. 1391 - Moratorium prohibiting production, processing and retail sales of recreational marijuana 10/2013 Cle Elum
Colfax Ordinance No. 14-04 - Land use and zoning regulations for recreational and medical marijuana 10/20/2014 Colfax
Ordinance No. 1103 - Prohibits uses which are illegal under local, state or federal law in any zone of the city and applies such regulation to recreational marijuana retail sales, processing 09/08/2014 College Place
College Place Ordinance No. 1123 - De-annexation of agricultural property 5/11/2015 College Place