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Description Date Jurisdiction
Aberdeen Ordinance No. 6556 - Re-enacts Sections 17.62.010 and 17.62.020 as permanent zoning regulations for marijuana-related uses 4/23/2014 Aberdeen
Aberdeen Ordinance No. 6588 - Adopts a six-month moratorium prohibiting the licensing, location, and permitting of facilities for the wholesale storage and sales of liquid, solid, or gasified petroleum 7/22/2015 Aberdeen
Airway Heights Ordinance No. C-834 - Adds Ch. 5.14, Medical Cannabis Collective Garden Regulatory License; Ch. 5.15 State-Licensed Cannabis Producers, Processors and Retailers; Ch. 17.14, Medical Cannabis Collective Gardens, Co-Operatives, and Dispensaries and State-Licensed Cannabis Producers, Processors and Retailers 8/04/2014 Airway Heights
Alderwood Water & Wastewater District Resolution No. 2603-2012 - Enforcement and collection of delinquent utility service charges 10/1/2012 Alderwood Water & Wastewater District
Algona Ordinance No. 1092-14 - Prohibits recreational marijuana processing, producing, or retail outlets and sale 10/28/2014 Algona
Anacortes Resolution No. 1752 - Promotes the use of LEED standards in the construction and renovation of city buildings and in the construction practices of the private sector 1/2008 Anacortes
Anacortes Ordinance No. 2964 - Establishes a moratorium on medical marijuana cooperatives 12/5/2015 Anacortes
Anacortes Resolution No. 1935 – Declaration of Substantial Need (2016) 2016 Anacortes
Anacortes Ordinance No. 2586 - Establishes a service award recognition program for employees 4/2002 Anacortes
Anacortes Ordinance No. 6556 - Re-enacts and amends Sec. 1 of Ordinance No. 6550 and Ch. 17.62, marijuana related uses 4/23/2014 Anacortes
Anacortes Resolution No. 1609 - Establishes a public corporation to renew a blighted property 6/2002 Anacortes
Anacortes Ordinance No. 2925 - Zoning regulations for recreational marijuana uses 7/07/2014 Anacortes
Anacortes Ordinance No. 2926 - Establishes a transportation benefit district 7/21/2014 Anacortes
Annapolis Water District Resolution No. 1028 - Formally determines consolidation with Karcher Creek Sewer District into West Sound Utility District No. 1 3/28/2007 Annapolis Water District
Arlington Ordinance No. 2014-015 - Zoning regulations on the production, processing, and retails sales of marijuana 10/06/2014 Arlington
Asotin County Resolution No. 15-40 – Substantial Need for General Property Tax Levy (2015) 2015 Asotin County
Asotin County Resolution No. 15-41 – Substantial Need for County Road District (2015) 2015 Asotin County
Asotin County Resolution No. 15-42 – Substantial Need for County Flood District (2015) 2015 Asotin County
Asotin Resolution No. 14-27 - Adds marijuana production, processing and sales as a conditional use 6/2014 Asotin County
Auburn Transportation Benefit District Resolution No. 2012-2 - Proposition submitted to voters to authorize the issuance of general obligation bonds to pay the costs of the transportation improvements and projects 2/2012 Auburn
Auburn Resolution No. 5284 - Affirming the value of all Auburn residents (2017) 2017 Auburn
Burien Ordinance No. 651 - Adds chapter to muncipal code relating to ascertaining immigration status or religion (2017) 2017 Auburn
Auburn Ordinance No. 6652 – Adds new section to city code relating to rental housing business license criteria for multi-family units (2017) 2017 Auburn
Auburn Ordinance No. 6595 - Terminates moratorium and amends Auburn City Code to prohibit production, processing and retail outlets and sales of marijuana 4/4/2016 Auburn
Auburn Ordinance No. 6377 - Establishes a transportation benefit district 9/12/2011 Auburn
Bainbridge Island Resolution No. 2009-06 – Election to Adopt Council-Manager Form of Government (2009) 2009 Bainbridge Island
Bainbridge Island Ordinance No. 2014-06 - Zoning regulations for recreational marijuana processing, producing/growing, retailing and collective gardens 5/12/2014 Bainbridge Island
Battle Ground Ordinance No. 13-01 - Annexation of unincorporated territory and fixing its zone for land use 1/2013 Battle Ground
Bellevue Ordinance No. 5109 - Impoundment of vehicles by persons with a suspended or revoked license 12/14/1998 Bellevue
Bellevue Resolution No. 5840 - Joint resolution with the Bellevue School District to create a partnership to meet the needs of the community by focusing on schools as community resource centers 12/1994 Bellevue
Bellevue Ordinance No. 5880 - Annexation for municipal purposes 5/28/2009 Bellevue
Bellevue Ordinance No. 6286 - Adopts interim zoning controls regulating recreational marijuana retailers 5/9/2016 Bellevue
Bellevue Ordinance No. 6253- Allows for the siting, permitting, and review of marijuana uses 8/03/2015 Bellevue
Bellevue Resolution No. 6743 - De-annexes three parcels of land to the town of Beaux Arts from the city of Bellevue, pursuant to RCW 35.10.217(2) 9/2002 Bellevue
Bellingham Resolution No. 2014-03 - Supports increased safety standards for rail tank cars that transport oil, ethanol, and other flammable liquids through the city 2/03/2014 Bellingham
Bellingham Ordinance No. 2002-01-007 - Annexation, petition method, non-code city 2/2002 Bellingham
Bellingham Ordinance No. 2012-06-033 - Levy Lid Lift/Affordable Housing Levy (2012) 2012 Bellingham
Bellingham Ordinance No. 2017-02-008 - Adds chapter to municipal code relating to immigration matters (2017) 2017 Bellingham
Bellingham Ordinance No. 2015-03-005 - Rental Registration and Safety Inspection Program 3/16/2015 Bellingham
Bellingham Resolution No. 2007-10 - Adopts greenhouse gas reduction targets and climate protection action plan 5/2007 Bellingham
Bellingham Ordinance No. 2010-07-040 - Establishes a transportation benefit district 7/12/2010 Bellingham
Bellingham Ordinance No. 2016-08-025 - Adopts and renews interim zoning regulations for the siting, establishment, and operation of any structures or uses relating to the production, processing, or retailing of recreational marijuana 8/25/2016 Bellingham
Bellingham Transportation Benefit District No. 1 Resolution No. 2010-1 - Submission of the proposition whether the transportation benefit district shall impose a sales and use tax 8/9/2010 Bellingham
Benton County Resolution No. 2014-167 - Land use guidance for the growing, processing and selling of marijuana products 2/25/2014 Benton County
Bingen Resolution No. 2015-001 - Cancelling certain warrants and checks issued by the city 1/6/2015 Bingen
Bingen Resolution No. 2014-001 - Declaring certain warrants and checks issued by the city to be unclaimed property 12/27/2013 Bingen
Bingen Resolution No. 2016-002 - Authorizes signers on financial accounts (2016) 2016 Bingen
Bingen Resolution No. 2015-006 - Transportation of crude oil through the city of Bingen 6/05/2015 Bingen
Birch Bay Water and Sewer District Resolution No. 722 - Amends Section 13.01.010; water and sewer service fees and charges 12/13/2012 Birch Bay Water and Sewer District
Birch Bay Water and Sewer District Resolution No. 718 - Amends Sections 2.08.020 and 2.08.030; updates authorization and governance of payments of district funds 6/28/2012 Birch Bay Water and Sewer District
Black Diamond Ordinance No. 15-1059 - City assumes all the rights, powers, functions and obligations of the Black Diamond Transportation Benefit District 10/1/2015 Black Diamond
Black Diamond Ordinance No. 15-1047 - Prohibits the siting, establishment, operation or licensing of any structures, property, uses or businesses relating to recreational marijuana production, processing, cultivation, storage, sale, delivery, exchange or bartering 2/05/2015 Black Diamond
Black Diamond Ordinance No. 15-1048 - Prohibits all medical marijuana uses 2/5/2015 Black Diamond
Blaine Ordinance No. 2843 - Adds Ch. 17.150, marijuana control regulations 11/2013 Blaine
Bonney Lake Ordinance No. 1218 - Annexation, petition method, code city 1/2007 Bonney Lake
Bonney Lake Ordinance No. 903 - Annexation, petition method, code city 11/2001 Bonney Lake
Bonney Lake Resolution No. 1870 – Calling for Special Election to Reclassify as Charter Code City (2008) 2008 Bonney Lake
Bonney Lake Ordinance No. 1383 - Abandons the combined at-large/ward system of council representation in favor of a completely at-large system of council representation 3/2011 Bonney Lake
Bothell Resolution No. 1177 - Declares October 24-31, 2005, as BuyBOTHELL week and encourages all citizens to participate in the ongoing BuyBOTHELL Program 10/2005 Bothell
Bothell Ordinance No. 2075 - Annexation via island island annexation method 10/2011 Bothell
Bothell Ordinance No. 2006 - Acquisition by eminent domain of a certain portion of property necessary for the Crossroads Project 12/2008 Bothell
Bothell Resolution No. 1278 - Establishes the date on which a measure concerning proposed annexation will appear on the ballot 2/2012 Bothell
Bothell Ordinance No. 2171 - Updating Comprehensive Plan and Development Regulations (2015) 2015 Bothell
Bothell Resolution No. 1214 - Approves a six-year Saving Water Partnership goal of reducing consumption 1% per year 3/2008 Bothell
Bothell Ordinance No. 1416 - Accepts deed and establishes a task force for the Bothell Pioneer Cemetery 4/1991 Bothell
Bothell Resolution No. 1265 - Calls for an election to be held to submit a proposal for annexation to the voters 4/2011 Bothell
Bothell Resolution No. 1266 - Annexation of unincorporated Snohomish County territory under RCW 35.13.182 4/2011 Bothell
Bothell Ordinance No. 2168 - Acquisition by eminent domain of certain real property 4/2015 Bothell
Bremerton Ordinance No. 4873 - Expands community renewal project area 10/2003 Bremerton
Bremerton Ordinance No. 4926 - Authorizes the Kitsap County Consolidated Housing Authority to exercise public development authority powers 12/2004 Bremerton
Bremerton Resolution No. 3263 - Establishes a hearing date to consider an ordinance to authorize the city to assume the rights, powers, functions, and obligations of the Bremerton Transportation Benefit District 2/17/2016 Bremerton
Bremerton Ordinance No. 4187 - Creates a downtown waterfront urban renewal district project area 2/1989 Bremerton
Bremerton Ordinance No. 5076 - Establishes a transportation benefit district 2/4/2009 Bremerton
Bremerton Ordinance No. 5297 - City assumes all the rights, powers, functions and obligations of the transportation benefit district 3/19/2016 Bremerton
Brier Ordinance No. 401 - Annexation of property under RCW 35.13.182 5/2012 Brier
Brookings County, SD County Code Article 24.00 - Transmission Pipeline Risk Reduction Overlay District 11/2009 Brookings County, SD
Buckley Ordinance No. 02-16 - Adopts a deferral system for the collection of impact fees for new single-family detached and attached residential construction 1/12/2016 Buckley
Buckley Ordinance No. 01-15 - Six-month extension of a moratorium for the establishment, location, operation, licensing, permitting, maintenance or continuation of medical marijuana collective gardens or medical marijuana dispensaries 1/13/2015 Buckley
Buckley Ordinance No. 22-15 - Adds Ch. 19.35, marijuana facilities 10/13/2015 Buckley
Buckley Ordinance No. 06-16 - Replaces the board of adjustment with the hearing examiner system 3/8/2016 Buckley
Buckley Ordinance No. 10-16 - City assumes all the rights, powers, functions and obligations of the transportation benefit district 4/12/2016 Buckley
Buckley Ordinance No. 11-15 - Adopts a six-month moratorium on the establishment, location, licensing or permitting of marijuana production or processing facilities and operations 5/12/2015 Buckley
Burien Ordinance No. 599 - Establishment, location, operation, licensing, maintenance or continuation of marijuana producers, processors, and retailers 2/2014 Burien
Burien Ordinance No. 516 - Establishes a transportation benefit district 7/20/2009 Burien
Burlington Ordinance No. 1788 - Adds medical marijuana/cannabis collective gardens and recreational marijuana processors, producers and retail stores as permitted primary uses in the M-1 Industrial District 11/2013 Burlington
Camas Ordinance No 2712 - Prohibits marijuana processors, producers and retailers in all zones 10/24/2014 Camas
Camas Ordinance No. 15-024 - Prohibits the retail sale of marijuana; repeals the sunset date provided under Section 18.07.030 Table 1, Note 9 11/16/2015 Camas
Camas Ordinance No. 15-015 - Fireworks Restrictions and Emergency Bans (2015) 2015 Camas
Carbonado Ordinance No. 430 - Establishes an immediate emergency moratorium on the siting, establishment and operation of any structures or uses relating to marijuana production, marijuana processing, or marijuana retailing and the submission of any business registration or license applications for such uses 6/09/2015 Carbonado
Carbonado Municipal Code Chapter 18.20, Table of Uses 8/2015 Carbonado
Carnation Ordinance No. 839 - Adopts zoning and land use regulations governing marijuana-related uses 12/2013 Carnation
Model Ordinance Adopting Zoning Restrictions on the Cultivation of Medical Cannabis (Marijuana) for Personal Use and in Collective Gardens 2012 Carol Morris
Centralia Ordinance No. 1743 - Establishes a transportation benefit district; Ordinance No. 1783 - Amends boundaries of Fords Prairie transportation benefit district 2/25/1992 Centralia
Centralia Ordinance No. 2330 - Adds Ch. 20.65, recreational marijuana business 7/2014 Centralia
Chehalis Ordinance No. 956-B - Allows the growing, production and processing of cannabis within industrial zones, and sales of cannabis in the industrial and general commercial; limits retail facilities to two establishments 4/11/2016 Chehalis
Chelan Ordinance No. 2014-1474 - Regulations for marijuana-related businesses 6/2014 Chelan
Chelan County Resolution No. 2014-5 - Terminates previously adopted interim land use regulations and official controls for marijuana related facilities and uses 1/14/2014 Chelan County
Chelan County Resolution No. 2016-14 - Prohibits the establishment, siting, location, and operation of licensed recreational marijuana or cannabis production and processing, medical marijuana or cannabis collective gardens and cooperatives, and prohibits implementation of state legislation including I 502, SB 5052, and HB 2136 2/16/2019 Chelan County
Chelan County Resolution No. 2013-82 – Allows wheeled ATVs on primitive roads 2013 Chelan County
Chelan County Resolution No. 97-114 - Creates the Upper Valley Park and Recreation Service Area 9/1997 Chelan County