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Local Ballot Measure Database

Want to know how levy lid lifts levies have performed at the ballot box, what measures public hospital districts have submitted, or whether voters in your county are approving or rejecting measures? Use our Local Ballot Measure Database to find out!

The results in this database are unofficial and are for research purposes only. For official election results, check with the local county auditor’s office. Please note that MRSC does not track school district ballot measures.

How Often are the Results Updated?

We update the database a few weeks after every special, primary, and general election, as soon as possible after the results are certified by the counties. The database is current through the August 2019 primary election.

How to Use the Database

Use the filters below or search by keyword to find the information you are interested in. By default, you will see results from the last five years, but you can also tailor this to the most recent election, the last two years, or all results since November 2011.

Filter by Ballot Categories is the most powerful option, allowing you to select one or more categories such as government type, subject, funding type/statutory authority, or county.

Search by Keyword is also useful. You will get the best results by using simple and specific keywords such as “marijuana,” “fireworks,” “charter,” etc.

Filter or Keyword Search