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Government Organization


Closest Governments to the People (PDF publication)

Cities and Towns

City and Town Classification

City and Town Forms of Government

First-Class Cities

City and Town Profiles (Interactive Tool)

Municipal Incorporation

Code City Handbook (PDF publication)


County Forms of Government

County Elected and Appointed Officials

County Profiles (Interactive Tool)


City and County Court Services

Special Purpose Districts

Special Purpose Districts - Table of Contents

What is a Special Purpose District?

How Many Special Purpose Districts in Washington?

Formation and Dissolution of Special Purpose Districts

Special Purpose District Revenue Sources

Types of Special Purpose Districts

Types of Special Purpose Districts

Lake and Beach Management Districts

Library Service Providers Listed by County

List of Emergency Medical Service Providers

Local Government Fire Protection Service Providers

Local Transit Authorities and Funding Sources

Metropolitan Park Districts

Mosquito Control Districts

Park and Recreation Special Districts Listed by County

Comparison of Recreation Districts

Port District Resources

Regional Fire Authorities

Transportation Benefit Districts (TBDs)

Water and Sewer Districts Listed by County

Getting Started: MRSC Resources for Water-Sewer Districts

Interlocal Cooperation

Interlocal Cooperation - Table of Contents

Growth Management and Planning Interlocal Agreements

Interlocal Cooperation in Fire Services

Interlocal Cooperation in Law Enforcement

Interlocal Cooperation in Parks and Recreation

Interlocal Cooperation in Public Works