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Public Safety

Animal Control

Animal Control

Animal Control Administration

Animal Nuisances

Comprehensive Animal Control Regulations

Dangerous Dogs, Wolves, Coyotes, and Dog-Hybrids

Livestock and Other Farm Animals

Criminal Justice and Corrections

City and County Court Services

Courts Overview

Jail Services and Alternatives to Incarceration


Cybersecurity Resources for Local Governments

Emergency Preparedness

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources for Local Governments

Emergency Communication Services and Facilities

Emergency Management and Disaster Planning

Flood Hazard Management Planning

Fire and Emergency Medical Services

Civil Service

Fireworks Regulation

Interlocal Cooperation in Fire Services

Local Government Fire Protection Service Providers

Local Government Fire Services - Authority and Requirements

Emergency Medical Services Provision in Washington State

List of Emergency Medical Service Providers

Regional Fire Protection Service Authorities

Law Enforcement

Police and Law Enforcement Services in Cities and Towns

Interlocal Cooperation in Law Enforcement

Police and Law Enforcement Personnel Management

Licensing and Regulation

Cannabis Regulation

Firearms Regulation

Gambling Regulation

Low-Speed Electric Vehicles - Golf Carts, NEVs and MEVs

Nuisances: Regulation and Abatement

Special Topics

Transmission Pipeline Regulation and Franchising

Youth and Youth-At-Risk Programs