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Find Your Contracting Requirements

This tool helps local government officials in Washington State identify and understand their statutory legal requirements for purchasing and contracting. Your jurisdiction may have established its own, more stringent policies, so always consult your local policies and legal counsel.

In order to determine your specific requirements, we ask up to three simple questions:

  1. Your procurement type
  2. Your agency type, if applicable
  3. Your city/county name, if applicable

Based on your answers, we will provide you with an overview of your statutory requirements, as well as a wide variety of related resources and sample documents.

If you already know your competitive requirements, please visit our Purchasing and Contracting pages for more detailed information on almost every aspect of local government procurement in Washington State.

1. What type of procurement is this?

Not sure? Click the question mark next to each procurement type for definitions and examples.

Public works 
Acquisition of electronic data processing or telecommunications equipment, software, or services 
Purchase of goods, equipment, supplies, or materials not connected with a public works project 
Professional architecture, engineering, landscape architecture, or surveying (A&E) services 
Personal services 
Purchased services 


Regarding General Use of Information:

These materials are informational and are subject to change without notice. MRSC and SAO have made good faith efforts to provide reliable interpretations of Washington State statutes relating to purchasing and contracting. This information is not intended to supplant due diligence by your agency's staff, and your agency may have established additional requirements that are not reflected in this tool. Always consult your agency's legal counsel, policies, and ordinances before contracting for any public works, purchases, or services. Neither MRSC or SAO or any officer, or employee of MRSC or SAO warrants the accuracy, reliability, or timeliness of any information or interpretation in these materials and shall not be liable for any losses caused by such reliance on the accuracy, reliability, or timeliness of such information or interpretation. Neither MRSC nor SAO are legally bound by any information or interpretation set forth in these materials.

Regarding Federal Funding:

If your procurement uses any federal funding, you must follow both state and federal competitive requirements, using the most stringent standards of the two. We strongly recommend that you work closely with your granting agency and obtain, in writing, a concise but complete description of all the requirements for that particular grant. For more information, see the Office of Management and Budget's page on Grants Management and Circular Attachments.