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Ask MRSC - Submit Your Question

Do you work for a public agency in Washington State? Do you have a legal, policy, or finance question?

Staff and officials from eligible government agencies can use our free "Ask MRSC" inquiry service to get a personalized answer from one of our trusted attorneys, policy consultants, or finance experts. Follow the steps below or call us at (206) 625‑1300 or (800) 933‑6772.

Officials and employees from the following government agencies within Washington State may use our Ask MRSC service free of charge:

  • All cities, towns, counties, and state government agencies
  • All special purpose districts or other agencies that are members of the Enduris, WCIA, or CIAW risk pools, plus:
    • Public hospital districts that are members of AWPHD
    • Sewer and water districts that are members of WASWD
    • Transit agencies that are members of WSTA
    • Port districts that are members of WPPA who have opted in to use MRSC services
    • Public utility districts (PUDs) that are members of WPUDA
  • Other partner organizations such as AWC, WSAC, and WACO

While we are unable to provide this personalized service to members of the general public or public agencies not listed above, our website is available for all to use.

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