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Staff Directory

Below is our current staff directory, including email addresses for our staff attorneys, policy consultants, and other staff members.

If you are a Washington State city or county official, staff member, or one of MRSC's contract partners and you have an inquiry for the MRSC consultant staff, please use our Ask MRSC form and your request will be routed to the appropriate staff member. If you send your inquiry directly to a staff member who is out of the office, your response will be delayed until that individual returns.

Executive Director

Tracy Burrows

Executive Director

Legal Consultants

Flannary Collins

Managing Attorney

Oskar Rey

Legal Consultant

Jill Dvorkin

Legal Consultant

Linda Gallagher

Legal Consultant

Sarah Doar

Legal Consultant

Steve Gross

Legal Consultant

Melanie Dane

Legal Consultant

Policy and Finance Consultants

Steve Butler

Planning & Policy Manager

Lisa Pool

Public Policy Consultant

Eric Lowell

Finance Consultant

Cheryl Grant

Finance Consultant

Josh Klika

Procurement & Contracting Consultant


Sandra Vong


Eric Chang

IT Manager

Jon Rose

Finance and Administrative Manager

Aimy Enriquez

HR and Administration Analyst

Brynn Linville

Program Support Coordinator

Theresa Gonzales

Rosters Coordinator

'Ula Kamaka

Partnership and Event Coordinator


Ingrid de la Jara

Communications Manager

Alicia Bones

Research Analyst and Writer

Steve Hawley

Research and Communications Analyst

Gabrielle Nicas

Information Specialist / Librarian

Leah LaCivita

Communications Coordinator

Angela Mack

Brand and User Experience Designer

Jacob Rice

Training and Outreach Coordinator