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Planning & Growth Management

Growth Management Act

Growth Management Act

Comprehensive Planning

Comprehensive Plan Update Process


Growth Management and Planning Interlocal Agreements

Specific Plan Elements

Capital Facilities Planning

Park Planning, Design, and Open Space

Planning for Economic Development

Transportation Plans and Plan Elements

Environmental Regulations

State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA)

Planned Action

Shoreline Management Act

Critical Areas


Flexibility in Environmental Regulation

Flood Hazard Management Planning

Subdivisions & Plats


Subdivisions Court Decisions and AG Opinions

Site Plans and Binding Site Plans

Latecomer Agreements

Zoning & Development Regulations

Development Regulations and Zoning

Adult Entertainment Regulation

Agricultural Lands - Laws, Regulations, and Court Decisions

Cannabis Regulation

Design Review

Group Homes

Historic Preservation

Infill Development

Manufactured Housing Regulation and Preservation

Rural Land Use Regulation/Development

Sign Regulation

Sign Regulation Court Decisions

Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)

Permitting & Administration

Building Code/Permit Administration

Streamlining Local Permit Review Procedures

Development Agreements

Impact Fees

Impact Fee Court Decisions

Vested Rights

Nonconforming Uses, Structures, and Lots

Formal Proceedings

Hearing Examiners

Planning Commissions

Public Hearings

Appearance of Fairness Doctrine

Eminent Domain and Takings

Eminent Domain

Property Rights and Regulatory Takings

Regulatory Takings Court Decisions


Annexation - Table of Contents

Annexation Methods by Cities and Towns

Planning for Annexation

Annexation FAQs

Annexation Court Decisions

Annexation by Cities and Towns (PDF publication)