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Tracy Burrows

Increase your Visibility with Washington Governments and Support their Success!

Sponsoring MRSC allows you to support our crucial work of helping Washington governments better serve their communities, while increasing your brand exposure to the thousands of state and local government staff and officials that use MRSC on a regular basis. You also gain valuable access to our one-on-one consultation service and webinars.

Gain Exposure to our State & Local Government Audiences

The data shows that in 2023 MRSC had 2.3 million visits to the MRSC website, 10,400 subscriptions to our weekly e-newsletters, 4,100 questions answered via our Ask MRSC service, and 6,600 that attended our webinars.

Get Access to MRSC Services

Valuable Webinars

MRSC broadcasts about 26 webinars per year. Our webinars provide practical tips and guidance on topics such as: 

  • Open Government: Public Records and Open Public Meetings Act
  • Public Finance
  • Government Performance and Innovation
  • Personnel Issues
  • Planning
  • Leadership and Community Engagement
  • Equity and Inclusion
  • Climate Change
  • Homelessness and Affordable Housing
  • Public Works Purchasing and Contracting

To learn more, visit our page on Upcoming Trainings.

Local Government Guidance and Research

MRSC’s one-on-one consultation service, Ask MRSC, provides custom responses to legal, policy, and finance questions that are related to work on projects on behalf of state and local governments within Washington State only.

Sponsor Benefit Levels | 2024

Select from a menu of benefits at the level that is right for your organization.

Benefits Premier $3,000+ Strategic $1,500-$2,999 Basic $500-$1,499
Access to Ask MRSC Service*
Sponsor name and link to partner website from MRSC website
One complimentary registration for all of MRSC's monthly webinars**
Logo placement in two MRSC webinars**  
Logo placement in all MRSC e-newsletters (black and white)  
Logo placement in MRSC print newsletter (color)  
Logo placement as Premier Sponsor in six additional MRSC webinars**    
Logo placement in all "PRA Basics and Beyond" virtual workshop Series    
Logo placement in all Public Works contracting in-person workshops***    
Logo placement in all "Finance Fundamentals" in-person workshops***    
Rosters membership fee discount of $230    

* Service provides custom responses to legal or policy questions that are related to work on projects on behalf of state and local governments within Washington State only.
** Webinars average 100-200 attendees per session.This benefit excludes our "PRA Basics and More" virtual workshops.
*** PRA workshops average a total of 450 attendees per year. Public Works contracting workshops average 677 attendees per year. Finance workshops are a new training series to be offered in the spring and summer of 2024. You may select to include your logo in all three of our workshop series or choose one or two that would appeal to your customers. 

MRSC reserves the right to approve all sponsors. Sponsor is responsible for providing logo files.

Effective Date and Benefit period
As an MRSC Sponsor, you will receive the benefits listed under your selected sponsorship level for a full year from January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2024.

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Contact Aimy Enriquez at