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Affordable Housing - Table of Contents

This page provides links to MRSC's resources related to affordable housing in Washington State. While housing affordability is an issue that can affect people of all income levels, MRSC’s affordable housing-related topic pages focus primarily on households making less than 80% of the Median Family Income (MFI).

Overview Pages

  • Background about Affordable Housing — Looks at issues to consider when developing an affordable housing plan, such as determining the population the housing might serve, causes of housing affordability, and actions to take in developing a plan.
  • Affordable Housing Techniques and Incentives — Provides a broad overview of techniques and incentives that may encourage the construction of new affordable housing, such as a density bonus, special zoning, permit streamlining, fee reductions, selling surplus property, and more. 
  • Types of Affordable Housing — Offers an introduction to different housing types and models that are generally considered affordable, as well as specialized construction approaches that can lower the cost of building new housing. 


  • Affordable Housing Funding Sources — Provides an overview of funding sources that cities and counties can use to provide or incentivize the development of affordable housing, such as sales taxes, property taxes, tax incentives, state and federal grant programs, and more.


  • Homelessness & Housing Toolkit for Cities (2022) — Co-produced by MRSC and the Association of Washington Cities, this toolkit offers a variety of tools and programs being employed by Washington local governments.

Blog Posts

Blog posts are written by MRSC staff and contributors.

Related Resources

Last Modified: December 07, 2023