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About Our Blog

MRSC Insight delivers our staff’s research, knowledge and insight into issues that local governments in Washington State are grappling with every day.

At MRSC, we advise cities, counties, and special districts on diverse questions that go the very heart of how local governments should conduct business. “How are comparable communities handling…?” or “What are the legal ramifications if our community does…?”

This blog is a place for us to share collective wisdom, timely information, and lessons learned based on our conversations with you and other local government leaders around the state. The content reflects your interests and concerns and the areas of expertise of our staff, who have many years of experience in local government management, finance, public works, planning, law, and information services.

Let us know or if you’ve got an issue that you’d like us to research or ideas to share with your colleagues. Please email suggestions to the MRSC Insight Editors.