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Posts for January 2016

4 Things You Should Know About Asset Management

Many jurisdictions feel that AM is too hard for them. But in this blogt we explain how AM can be a fantastic tool for any size jurisdiction and doesn’t take a huge investment to get going.

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New Federal Drone Regulations and Guidance

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently took two actions related to the regulation of “unmanned aircraft”—more commonly known as “drones”—that I think are relevant to local governments here in Washington State.

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The Importance of Population Forecasts for your Comprehensive Plan

Selecting a population forecast is a critical step for communities beginning the review and update of their comprehensive plan. This post provides some answers to common questions for those beginning the update process.

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Understanding Employee Motivation is More Important than Ever

Lack of employee engagement shows itself in a variety of serious issues that impact organizational performance. Advisor Michael Jacobson highlights methods local governments can use to find out what motivates their employees and help keep them engaged.

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Who Should Receive the Utility Bill, Landlords or Tenants?

Who should receive a utility bill is just one of the many complexities local governments must determine in their utility billing procedures. This blog highlights our survey of how numerous jurisdictions handle this issue.

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Small City Perspective: Is State Shared Revenue a Necessity or Burden?

Randy Hinchliffe from the City of Waitsburg provides his perspective on dealing with the lack of local control of state shared revenues.

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New Rules Addressing Use of Gender-Segregated Facilities by Transgender Individuals

Effective December 26, 2015, the Washington State Human Rights Commission (HRC) adopted new rules requiring that individuals be allowed to use gender-segregated facilities, such as restrooms, locker rooms, dressing rooms, and homeless or emergency shelters, that are consistent with their gender expression or gender identity.

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Some Public Records Act Insights from 2015

This blog post examines significant Public Records Act court decisions and other developments from 2015, with a particular focus on electronic records and use of personal electronic devices.

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