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Posts for July 2017

New Options for Creating Fire and Metro Park Districts

The 2017 legislative session yielded new options for establishing a fire and/or metro park district. Consultant Lynn Nordby looks at these changes. 

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New Legislation Impacts Purchasing, Contracting

Purchasing and contracting procedures for Washington local governments changed on July 23, 2017.  Public Works Consultant Judy Isaac reviews the changes. 

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New Public Records Data Reporting Requirement

2017 was a big year for the PRA, with the legislature making several high-profile changes to the law. In this blog post, MRSC Legal Manager Jim Doherty discusses one change that may come as a surprise to many agencies: the new public records data reporting requirement. 

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New Open Government Training Requirements for Public Records Officers

Earlier this year, the legislature made a number of changes to the Public Records Act (PRA). One key update is that the PRA and records retention training currently required for PROs must now include training on electronic documents and improving technology information systems. In this blog post, MRSC Legal Extern Brooke Frickleton outlines this new requirement.

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Building for Bicycles: Safe Roads & Recreational Use Immunity

Here in Washington, bicycles are being increasingly recognized and appreciated as a legitimate and important transportation option. In this blog post, MRSC Legal Intern Nick Quijas explores some of the ways in which local governments will be affected by increasing growth in bike transportation. 

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Critical Areas: The Importance (and Difficulty) of Knowing Where They Are

Regulated critical areas vary from place to place but in some cases, a jurisdiction’s knowledge of its critical areas may be based on outdated or incomplete information. Guest author Greg Wessel looks at some steps jurisdictions can take to address this problem. 

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New Law on Restraining Dogs

In this blog post, Paul Sullivan provides an overview of a new law adopted by the legislature that regulates the tethering of dogs. The new law goes into effect on July 23, 2017. 

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When is a Development Application Ready for Review?

Once a jurisdiction determines that a planning-related application is complete it has 120-days to  make a decision on that proposal. But what makes an application complete? MRSC Planning Consultant Steve Butler reviews the options. 

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