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Posts for November 2021

Appeals Court Finds Non-Exempt Workers Must be Paid for All Required Out-of-Town Travel Time

A recent ruling in Port of Tacoma v. Sacks defines what is considered compensable hours when an employee travels for a work-related purpose.

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New Laws About Public Safety

The 2021 Regular Legislative Session included several bills that impacted local law enforcement agencies, and this blog offers an overview of some of the more complex bills. 

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Making Local Government Holiday Observances More Inclusive

The upcoming holiday season offers municipalities a great opportunity to tie their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts into holiday observances so that everyone feels part of the celebration.

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New Program Supports Transition To Cleaner Vehicle Fleets

Local governments wanting to switch to cleaner, zero-emissions car fleets now have a new resource to consult, the Green Transportation Program. 

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How Local Ballot Measures Fared in the 2021 General Election

From changes in governance to funding for criminal justice, libraries, and transportation, this blog covers many local ballot measures across the state and how these issues fared in the recent general election.

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New Report Reviews the Efficacy of Impact Fee Deferral Programs

JLARC recently released a report detailing the success of local government impact fee deferral programs for the construction of new development, fees that are meant to help finance construction of new public facilities.

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Introducing Josh Klika, Procurement & Contracting Consultant

MRSC welcomes Josh Klika, most recently with the City of Olympia, as the new Procurement and Contracting Consultant.

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