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Posts for October 2019

Records Requests from Agency Elected Officials

What happens if your elected official files a public records request with your local government? This blog post looks at how to handle what should be a simple request, but often isn't due to extenuating circumstances. 

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Cyber Response and Insurance

How should your agency prepare itself for a cyberattack? This blog post looks at the role an emergency plan and cyber insurance can play in helping an agency recover from a cyber incident. 

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Announcing an Updated Homelessness & Housing Toolkit

In 2017 MRSC partnered with the Association of Washington Cities to develop the Homelessness & Housing Toolkit for Cities. This publication has been updated for 2019 and covers such hot-topic items as SHB 1406, Martin v. City of Boise, and more. 

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Please Stop: Handling Public Requests

Municipal employees sometimes must deal with a variety of requests, and some can be quite challenging. This article looks at what local governments can and cannot broadly do in terms of responding to large public records requests and complaints.  

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Cyber Plans: What to Do If Your System Is Attacked

This blog is the first installment of a 2-part series on cybersecurity preparation, with a focus on the most popular ways criminals are using to gain access to systems and how to plan for a service interruption.

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