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Posts for September 2015

Lack of “Serious Independent Analysis" of Exemptions Can Result in Finding of Bad Faith Under PRA

In Adams v. Washington State Department of Corrections, the Court of Appeals held that for purposes of penalty calculation for agencies that do not comply with public records requests under RCW 42.56.565(1), an agency will be punished for “bad faith” if it fails to engage “in any serious independent analysis of the exempt status of documents.”

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New Property Disclosure Requirements Will Impact Some Cities and Counties

Although EHB 2122 relates primarily to real estate excise taxes, it includes requirements for cities and counties that require disclosures by landlords and sellers of real property to buyers and tenants regarding the property and surrounding area.

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Getting Your Newly Elected Officials Ready to Hit the Ground Running

Every election cycle potentially introduces new members to your policy board or chief executive’s office. You have an opportunity to give the newly elected members of the team a “leg up” so that they can begin their term of office as ready as possible on day one.

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A New Economic Development Strategy for Clallam County

A Clallam County commissioner writes about how the county and other local governments can work with the private sector to encourage economic development.

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Administrative Appeal Process Must Now Be Offered for Required Septic-to-Sewer Conversions

After several years in the making, the legislature passed ESB 5871 requiring cities, towns, and counties to offer an administrative appeals process when septic repair or replacement of existing single family systems is denied by the local health department and a sewer hookup is required.

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Hiring the Right Person: The Art of the Reference Check

Reference checks are essential in any hiring process and should almost always be done. 30-year HR veteran Marci Wright offers some tips and tricks for getting them most out of your reference checks.

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