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Posts for September 2019

Long-Term Care Trust Act Brings Services and Support to Washington Residents

The newly created Long-Term Care Trust Act will offer an employee-financed program to provide payment or partial payment for long-term services and support to qualified Washington residents who have paid into the program and need assistance. 

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Preparing for and Responding to Emergencies: 2019 Legislation

This blog post looks at SB 5514, HB 1147, and SB 5012, three pieces of recent legislation that address how local governments and law enforcement should respond during active emergencies. 

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Food Waste Reduction and Sustainable Recycling: New Legislation

Two recent pieces of legislation, E2SHB 1114 and ESSHB 1543, are aimed at reducing food waste and creating support for long-term, sustainable recycling programs across the state. 

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Want Better Teamwork? Take More Breaks

A recent study suggests that team members in problem-solving groups need time alone as well as face-to-face meetings to get the best possible group results. 

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New Ruling Addresses the Extent of the "Public Records" Definition

A new decision from the Washington State Supreme Court addresses the extent of the “Public Records” definition, which now provides more clarity for local governments. 

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Key Takeaways from the AWC Budget and Finance Management Workshop

This blog covers some key financial management takeaways from the 2019 Association of Washington Cities (AWC) Budgeting and Financial Management Workshop.

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Election Season Has Arrived - Here's How to Do the Right Thing

The election season has arrived in Washington State, and with it, many questions on what is and is not legal during campaigns. This blog post reviews a host of topics, from the prohibition on the use of public resources to where (and how) to hold candidate forums.

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