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Posts for February 2024

level up

“Level Up” to Avoid Bid Splitting

Bid splitting, or dividing up a public works project into parts solely for the purpose of getting the individual purchase or contract award below bidding requirements, could result in a potential audit finding as well as add costs. Leveling up is one way to avoid a split bid.

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A hand holds a stamp labeled "approved"

Taking Action Using Ordinances, Resolutions, Motions, and Proclamations

A governing body has several options it can use to take action on an issue. Knowing which type of action to employ and under what circumstance helps to make the process more efficient and effective.

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SBITAs: New Reporting Requirement for the 2023 Annual Financial Report

SBITAs: New Reporting Requirement for the 2023 Annual Financial Report

SBITAs, or subscription-based IT arrangements, are one of the new reporting requirements public agencies must consider when filling the 2023 Annual Comprehensive Financial Report. Agencies should review all IT-related contracts to determine which qualify as a reportable SBITA. 

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person on laptop using emojis

Emojis in Public Agency Communication: Miscommunications and Records Ramifications 😱

Emojis may make it easy to respond quickly to professional correspondence, but public agency staff and elected officials should think twice before giving a thumbs up to that email or Teams post.

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Oskar Rey seated at computer desk in MRSC's offices

Legal Consultant Oskar Rey Moves On: “Thank You for an Amazing Learning Experience.”

In his final days working as a legal consultant with MRSC, Oskar Rey gives thanks to the many people that helped him gain a deeper knowledge of municipal law, through debate, research, writing, and training. 

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a hand turning a dial to maximum 'trust'

Building Trust During Polarizing Times

Distrust, misinformation, and polarization seem to be growing at the national and local levels. How can local government build trust to help dispel misinformation, reduce polarization, increase engagement, and maintain a healthy, engaged democracy?

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