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MRSC Insight Blog

Posts for June 2018

Some Muni Bonds Lose Tax Exemption

An obscure provision in the 2017 Tax Cut & Jobs Act all but eliminated an important municipal finance tool known as advance refunding. This blog post looks at the potential implications.

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Food Truck Laws and Regulations

This post sorts through applicable food truck laws and regulations and cite examples of approaches taken by Washington municipalities that regulate food trucks in their jurisdictions. 

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The Culverts Case: An Overview and Potential Implications for Local Governments

This blog takes a look at the Culverts Case and potential implications for local governments in Washington State.

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Retaining Institutional Knowledge in the Wake of the Silver Tsunami

This blog focuses on the potential loss of institutional knowledge that the silver tsunami may leave in its wake, and some ways your organization may be able to capture and retain this valuable knowledge.

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3 Steps to a More Meaningful Mission Statement

In this post, MRSC's Executive Director Tracy Burrows looks at the role of an organization's mission statement and an easy, 3-step process to creating mission statements that will engage employees long after the process is over.

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No Magic Homelessness Bullet

Solutions for tackling homelessness need to be as varied as the people who experience it and the causes of homelessness itself. Policy Consultant Lynn Nordby looks at some innovative solutions, from 3-D printed houses to repurposed shipping containers. 

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