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Posts for March 2018

The Future of Voting in Washington

With the Voting Rights Act of 2018, â€‹Washington State took a step towards ensuring the right to vote for all Washingtonians, especially those in certain protected classes. Legal Consultant Linda Gallagher provides an overview. 

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Having Great Budget Discussions

Budget discussions offer local governments the opportunity to identify concerns, priorities, and goals. It's also a great opportunity to get and provide updates on key issues, challenges, and accomplishments across the organization. Finance Advisor Mike Bailey offers suggestions on how to make your budget conversations work more efficiently.

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Firearms Regulation at the Local Government Level

In the wake of the latest mass shooting, many are asking what their local governments can do to prevent such tragedies.This blog post discusses state preemption of firearms regulation and explores known options available to municipalities.

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Autonomous Vehicles: Coming to a Neighborhood Near You?

Widespread use of autonomous vehicles (self-driving cars) may seem too futuristic to seriously contemplate, but autonomous ridesharing vehicles will be here before you know it.

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Safe Parking Programs: A Safe Place to Sleep in Your Car

In light of a recent Superior Court ruling, safe parking programs, often sponsored by religious organizations, can offer relief for individuals living in vehicles. Legal Consultant Oskar Rey examines the regulatory role of local government when a religious organization seeks to establish a safe parking program.

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New Ruling Finds Facebook Posts Can Be a Public Record

A recent ruling in the Washington State Court of Appeals (Division Two) has clarified the circumstances under which personal Facebook posts can be considered public records. Legal Consultant Flannary Collins looks at the case of West v. City of Puyallup

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Street Names: Where Policy and History Meet

Wherever you travel the names of the local streets can help you find your way, confuse you, or very often tell you a bit about the unique history of the community. Having a logical, local policy on street naming (or renaming) can provide help future generations understand and retain the original meaning.

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My Can of Coke Costs What?!!!

Since January 1, 2018, Seattle residents and visitors have found that drinking sweetened drinks cost a little bit more. Legal Consultant Paul Sullivan looks at the city's new sweetened beverage tax, one that is projected to raise almost $15 million in 2018. 

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